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Kara Yates, Senior Editor at MODwedding
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It’s a known fact that the wedding ring represents a lifetime of love and romance. So, when we think “forever,” images of David Yurman’s latest bridal collection come to mind. It’s a great feeling to find the one thing you know you’ll still absolutely adore 20 years from now—and we’re not talking about your fiancé. So, here are a few of our favorite treasures to inspire you. 

For Brides

wedding rings12Gray titanium, pave diamonds, and the iconic cable aesthetic are just a few cornerstone design elements that we admire. After all, a wedding ring should be completely timeless.

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 2.17.57 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 5.58.20 PMSleek and modern, these jewels have the appearance of sturdy and elegant little pieces of art—which isn’t a bad representation of everlasting unity.

Wedding ring 6

wedding rings10But amazingly designed wedding rings aren’t just for brides. Take a look at some of our favorite David Yurman rings that the groom will love just as much as you will.

For Grooms

wedding rings 2

wedding rings 3Yurman’s collection of wedding bands for men have an edge of masculinity that we adore. With a few added diamonds to surround these classic pieces, you can bet your man will love the luxury.

wedding rings

We’re definitely a fan of the Yurman brand, but we know that everyone has their preferences. Who’s your favorite wedding jeweler? Shout it out below!

Photos courtesy of David Yurman

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Kara Yates, Senior Editor at MODwedding
Kara Yates, Senior Editor at MODwedding
Kara Yates, M.P.S., is a seasoned writer and editor with a specialized background in digital marketing. Kara is Marketing Coordinator at Anya Bridal Warehouse, where she delivers external corporate communications and cultivates lucrative vendor partnerships. Other professional experiences include those with CNN, Little Pink Book (formerly known as Pink Magazine), and JBS International. Kara currently resides in Atlanta, GA, where she enjoys ballroom dancing and painting during her free time.
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