Beautifully Elegant Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Everyone knows that a hairdo can make or break an outfit. Having your hair in an elegant updo will keep it in place and show off your shoulders. Whether it’s adorned with a sparkly clip or mixed with a braid, your updo will wow your guests. Make your hair look just as beautiful as your dress on your special day, and use the ideas below for hair-spiration!

28236298Photography: Duke Photography

28236294Put curled hair into a loose, low bun, leaving wisps of hair around your face for a softer look.

Hair & Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Steph

28236295Left: Carrie Underwood,Via: Pinterest

Right: Via: Pinterest 

28236296Have your stylist create a sleek bun knot for a unique style.

Left:Via: Pinterest 

Right:  Jessica Alba,Via: Hairstyles Weekly

28236293Left:Photographer: Christian Oth Studios, Hair & Makeup: Jeff Chastain 

Right: Via: Belle the Magazine 

28236297Create a small, classic braid and pull it back around your head to look like a Grecian goddess.

Left:Via: USA Bride 

Right: Via: Pinterest 

28236292Left: Via: Pinterest 

Right: Hair & Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Steph 

28236291Left: Hair & Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Steph

Right: Via: Pinterest 

Pick an updo that works for your hair and face, and remember to smile! Also, let us know which of these gorgeous styles peaks your interest. We’d love to hear from you!