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Remarkable, Rustic Wedding Receptions for the Chic Couple

Rustic wedding receptions are becoming more popular for brides and grooms everywhere. Something about the old country simplicity of a wedding is charming and memorable; this style is made romantic be reusing aged pieces that create a chic atmosphere. Wood runners at dining tables, burlap accessories, antique lanterns as centerpieces, and enchanting chandeliers as lighting are all ways you can make your wedding reception rustic. One of our favorite innovative designs is a mason jar, which can be used as a candleholder or vase for a beautiful floral arrangement—and then guests can take it home! We have found some great examples to inspire you and make your reception one to remember.

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsA mix of lanterns and chandeliers create the perfect rustic, classic look all at once.

Photographer: Jillian Mitchell; Floral & Event Design: The Dazzling Details

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsPhotographer: Jillian Mitchell; Floral & Event Design: The Dazzling Details

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsA table filled with a fresh mix of flowers will always grab my attention! Love this intimate setting.

Photo: Jessica Claire

4 wedding receptionI don’t think I’ve ever seen cotton look so pretty. How unique is this centerpiece idea?

Photographer: Pictilio, Floral Design: Floral Theory, Wedding Stationery: Bustle Events

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsPhoto: Via: Studio DIY

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsOld books, cherries, and candles. It doesn’t get any more rustic than that!

Photo: Via: Snippet & Ink

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsPhotographer: JPP Studios

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsLeft: Photographer: Julie Roberts Photography

Right: Photo: Via: Pinterest

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsFloral & Event Design: Hey Gorgeous Events

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsThese outdoor weddings are stunning, especially the lovely set up on the beach as the sun sets.

Left: Via: Pinterest

Right: Photographer: Impressions Photography

Rustic Wedding ReceptionsPhoto: Via: Pinterest

Which rustic reception do you like best? Do you have any décor ideas of your own? We’d love to hear them! Make sure to pin and share your favorites with friends.


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