7 Tips to Improve Your Wedding Photos – How Little Details Make a Big Difference

Your wedding day photos are the one tangible thing you will have to remember your wedding day by. Wedding photographers and wedding planners both do their best to make the day as beautiful and as perfect as possible, but occasionally some little things do overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the wedding day! Here are 7 tips that can make big difference in your wedding photos.

  1. A technology free wedding. The best way to insure that your wedding day photos aren’t filled with cell phones, cameras, and guests looking at the back of screens, is to simply ask your guests to put the technology down.  This will also keep your guests engaged in the moment and dancing during the reception! The “technology free” message can be conveyed in your invitation or on the ceremony program. You’ll be glad you did it!
  2. A beautiful hanger. A wedding dress is usually one of the more expensive things a bride can purchase for her big day. Once the big day is over with dresses are usually preserved or set aside in a closet. Your photos will be the easiest way of looking back on this investment and nothing cheapens the look of the dress more than a plastic hanger. A simple wooden hanger or a custom hanger will do wonders for the photos of the dress.
  3. Center your self. While it’s good to be “centered” and calm on your wedding, I literally mean center yourself for the ceremony. Make sure that yourself, your groom, and the officiant are completely centered with the aisle. It’s a detail that is easily overlooked, but centering yourself with the aisle will make your photos all the more gorgeous.
  4. Make the kiss last. If your kiss lasts a split second, it’s more likely it could be missed! Make it last a few second and give your photographers an extra moment to capture the shot.
  5. Slow down! The wedding party is eager to get to the reception, but asking them to slow down, and space themselves out during the recessional makes it a lot easier to capture each couple as they walk back down the aisle.
  6. Ask parents to hold on to their children. If children are invited to the wedding, it can be stressful for the bride, planner, and photographer if their parents leave them unattended. Nothing’s worse than children running circles around the bride and groom during their first dance. So remember to ask the parents to hold on to their little ones for the first few important dances. This will insure that little uninvited guests won’t appear in the photos.
  7. Lower your arms during the first dance. The first dance is always an absolute joy to take photos of. Everyone is smiling and tears are flowing. Although, sometimes brides don’t realize that no one can see them smiling during this special dance. Some brides tend to hoist up their arms and wrap their hands around their groom’s neck. While this might be a comfortable way to dance, it makes it especially hard to see those sweet kisses and smiles that are inevitable during the first dance. So brides, remember to lower your arms during the dances so we can see that gorgeous face!

Guest Contributor: Kacie Lynch is a talented Virginia wedding photographer. To see more of her fabulous photography work, visit Kacie Lynch Photography.