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The Most Elegant Wedding Dessert Table Ideas


When adorable wedding dessert table ideas come around, there’s no way we can’t share the gorgeous goodness with you! From heavenly macarons to the most divine wedding cakes, these wedding dessert table ideas have us feeling tempted in the sweetest way possible. Get inspired by scrolling through elegantly adorable treats and their undeniable charm!

wedding-dessert-table-1-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Abby Rose Photowedding-dessert-table-2-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Love is a Big Deal via Mon Cheri Bridals

This elegantly rustic wedding dessert table featured below is set up so perfectly with cake on an elevated platform, and the smaller treats below on the table. Not only does the beautiful four-layer cake look delicious, but the pretty pinks and purple are the cutest colors together!

wedding-dessert-table-3-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Sweet Style via Kara’s Party Ideaswedding-dessert-table-27-12022015-kmFeatured Photographer: Sweet Style via Kara’s Party Ideaswedding-dessert-table-26-12022015-kmFeatured Photographer: Sweet Style via Kara’s Party Ideaswedding-dessert-table-4-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Jessica Oh Photography

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wedding-dessert-table-5-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Richard Israelwedding-dessert-table-6-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Elemental Photographywedding-dessert-table-7-12022015-km                         Featured Photo via Shiny Happy Sprinkleswedding-dessert-table-8-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Twig and Olive Photographywedding-dessert-table-9-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Redmoose Photography via Brit + Co

Macarons are always there to impress when you need to look sophisticated and fun! There are so many stunning designs you can make for a macaron cake, and these macaron wedding dessert table ideas definitely have it going on.

wedding-dessert-table-10-12022015-km Featured Cake: Designer Delightswedding-dessert-table-11-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Annemarie King Photographywedding-dessert-table-12-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Sweet Style via Kara’s Party Ideaswedding-dessert-table-13-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Katy Gray Photography via Mon Cheri Bridalswedding-dessert-table-14-12022015-kmFeatured Photographer: Yvonne Wong Photography via Mon Cheri Bridalswedding-dessert-table-15-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Christina McNeill Photographywedding-dessert-table-16-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Elisabeth Millay Photographywedding-dessert-table-17-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Ali Broach Photography via Hostess with the Mostesswedding-dessert-table-18-12022015-km Featured Photo via Catch My Party wedding-dessert-table-19-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Ruth Eileen Photography via Mon Cheri Bridals

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wedding-dessert-table-20-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Paper Antler Photography via Wedding Forwardwedding-dessert-table-21-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Cary Diaz Photography via My Hotel Weddingwedding-dessert-table-22-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Bloc Memoire Photography via The Wedding Scoop

Here are more rustic wedding dessert table ideas to inspire us! These outdoor setups are so elegant and made for the cutest desserts. Twinkling lights and pastel-colored desserts are serious eye-catching inspiration.

wedding-dessert-table-23-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Bloc Memoire Photography via The Wedding Scoopwedding-dessert-table-24-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Bloc Memoire Photography via The Wedding Scoopwedding-dessert-table-25-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Katie Jackson Photography via Brit + Cowedding-dessert-table-28-12022015-kmFeatured Photographer: Sweet Style via Kara’s Party Ideas

Your wedding dessert table should have nothing but the most delicious and gorgeous cake designs and pastries. With flawlessly crafted dessert ideas like these, there should be no problem finding the perfect plan for your desserts and lovely dessert table!{"url":"","count":158575})