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Dreamy Dominican Republic Wedding at Casa de Campo

Domincan-Republic-wedding-collage-070716acA wedding in paradise? Um… yes, please! It’s hard to not fall in love with this gorgeous Dominican Republic wedding at Casa de Campo. Throw in a soft color palette, beautiful flowers by GRO Designs, and stunning views of the venue’s natural landscape, and you have the combination for the perfect wedding. Check out the details of this dreamy Dominican Republic wedding, all caught on camera by Shaun Menary Photography.Domincan-Republic-wedding-1-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-2-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-3-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-4-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-5-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-5.1-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-6-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-7-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-8-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-9-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-10-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-11-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-12-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-13-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-14-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-15-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-16-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-17-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-18-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-19-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-20-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-21-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-22-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-23-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-24-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-25-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-26-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-27-070716ac Domincan-Republic-wedding-28-070716acPhotography: Shaun Menary Photography | Planner + Event and Floral Design: GRO Designs | Venue: Casa de Campo | Ceremony music: Shane & Shane | Reception music: DJ S.O.U.L.Jah | Hair and makeup: Kristy at makeupnola.com | Groom’s suit: The Ross Bennett Collection | Bride’s dress: Kenneth Pool | Custom logo: Jocelyn Jesus


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