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Essense of Australia Fall 2016 Collection Inspires Romance

essense-of-australia-collage-073116mcInspired by vintage dreams, the Fall 2016 Essense of Australia collection beams with stunning gowns for every bride. With illusion lace, heirloom necklines and romantic silhouettes, each style has beautiful and vintage details that are complimented by the modern designs. For the bride looking to a add a little glamour and sparkle to her wedding day, this collection will surely bring the perfect flair and sophistication to your look!

Essense of Australia Fall 2016 Collection

essense-of-australia-1-2136-073116mcFeatured Style: 2136
essense-of-australia-2-2027-073116mcFeatured Style: 2027essense-of-australia-3-2038-073116mcFeatured Style: 2038essense-of-australia-4-2038-073116mcFeatured Style: 2038essense-of-australia-5-2085-073116mcFeatured Style: 2085essense-of-australia-21-2169-073116mcFeatured Style: 2169essense-of-australia-6-2086-073116mcFeatured Style: 2086essense-of-australia-7-2109-073116mcFeatured Style: 2109essense-of-australia-8-2121-073116mcFeatured Style: 2121essense-of-australia-9-2121-073116mcFeatured Style: 2121essense-of-australia-10-2122-073116mcFeatured Style: 2122essense-of-australia-11-2124-073116mcFeatured Style: 2124essense-of-australia-12-2126-073116mcFeatured Style: 2126essense-of-australia-13-2143-073116mcFeatured Style: 2143essense-of-australia-14-2145-073116mcFeatured Style: 2145essense-of-australia-15-2145-073116mcFeatured Style: 2145essense-of-australia-16-2145-073116mcFeatured Style: 2145essense-of-australia-16-2152-073116mcFeatured Style: 2152essense-of-australia-17-2155-073116mcFeatured Style: 2155essense-of-australia-18-2159-073116mcFeatured Style: 2159essense-of-australia-19-2162-073116mcFeatured Style: 2162essense-of-australia-20-2167-073116mcFeatured Style: 2167
essense-of-australia-22-2174-073116mcFeatured Style: 2174essense-of-australia-23-2174-073116mcFeatured Style: 2174essense-of-australia-24-2186-073116mcFeatured Style: 2186essense-of-australia-25-2195-073116mcFeatured Style: 2195

The dresses in this beautiful Essense of Australia Fall 2016 collection inspires us by bringing the perfect amount of glamour for the modern bride. The swooning doesn’t end here — make sure to pin your favorite styles to keep the inspiration flowing! And of course, so that you can try them on as your dress shopping journey commences.

To see more from this stunning collection, visit their website and follow Essense of Australia on social media:

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