Wedding Photographer Contract: Key Elements to Cover

Wedding Photographer Contract: Key Elements to Cover

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Make sure your contract covers the following items before you sign with your photographer:

  1. Full name and contact information for the photographer and yourself.
  2. Name of each photographer that will be working at your wedding, as well as the number of assistants.
  3. The date(s), address of each shooting location, start time(s), and number of hours that the photographer is expected to shoot. This should cover the rehearsal dinner to the morning after brunch.
  4. The name of the assistant and the number of hours the assistant will be working.
  5. Subjects to be covered, including engagement session, rehearsal dinner, getting ready on the wedding day, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception etc.
  6. A detailed shot list you’ve agreed to.
  7. Break times. Your photographer will need to be fed and to take a break, try scheduling the break during dinner to avoid missing any amazing dance floor shots, or if you’re having a second shooter, ask the two to alternate break times.
  8. The number of cameras that will be used to shoot and in which formats: film, digital, or both. Also cover details such as the percentage of color photos vs. black and white, film vs. digital.
  9. The number of proofs that will be sent to you and in which format: digital or hard copy.
  10. Date your proofs will be ready and how long they will be available to view online.
  11. When and how you’ll receive your albums and prints order once you place it with your photographer, and any other package or delivery fees and details.
  12. If shooting in film format, address the type of film and number of rolls that will be used, and whether it will be in color, black and white, or both. Also include the cost per additional roll.
  13. Cover all details regarding copyright: who owns the rights to the photos and any restrictions on posting or distributing photos, whether it be on social media or other platforms. Also address where the photographer is permitted to share your wedding photos, especially if you are against them being submitted to publications without your permission or being used for promotional purposes.
  14. Be sure you fully understand and agree to any non-disparagement clauses that may be included in the contract, which prevent you from leaving negative reviews online. This is important as many couples do not read the fine print and end up getting into lawsuits with their photographers.
  15. Photographer’s attire for the wedding.
  16. An itemized total cost, including a detailed list of everything it includes, as well as a price list for extra prints and albums.
  17. Overtime rates.
  18. Rates for reordering any additional prints later.
  19. Deposit amount and the date that it was paid.
  20. Remaining balance and its due date.
  21. Policy for cancellation and refund.
  22. An emergency back-up plan, in case the photographer is sick and unable to make it to the wedding.


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