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Why should we advertise with MODwedding?

    • Wedding Website users are typically engaged with MODwedding for a period of 6-14 months.
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What advertising options does MODwedding offer?

MODwedding sells ads directly through our advertising team. Please send an email to advertising(at)modwedding(dot)com to receive a media kit, detailed information on advertising options, tips on how to gain exclusive access to our MODwedding Vendor Guide, as well as rates and any questions you might have.

Connect with Our Local Brides through the High-Impact MODwedding Vendor Guide

The MODwedding Vendor Guide is an invitation-only exclusive directory of elite wedding industry professionals. With so many affluent brides and grooms spending millions of dollars on their weddings, it is our goal to connect newly engaged couples with talented wedding professionals (e.g., top-notch planners, photographers, venues, and caterers) who will deliver quality customer service and create a luxurious wedding experience for our users. If you would like to be considered for an invitation to the MODwedding Vendor Guide, click HERE for more information.