Tips for Planning an Amazing Destination Wedding, from Twilight’s Wedding Planner Tammy Carmona

Who doesn’t, at some point, fantasize about an amazing destination wedding? To some, that might sound like a far-fetched dream. But it doesn’t have to! And that’s why we love Event Planner Tammy Carmona–for teaching us how to create a fabulous destination wedding that we thought only happened in movies. We stand corrected, and you’re in luck. Here’s what Tammy wants you to know before you start planning. She said:

First things first: no matter how much you trust your wedding planner, you have to make a trip to the location and check out the place for yourself! What may be amazing for one person may be a total disaster for another. The only way to make a thing like this work is to do your homework!

  • Use a planner who is from where you live, but is also familiar with the location where you are looking to have your wedding, and has worked with the local vendors. Why is it important that the wedding planner is from your area? Because you don’t want a wedding planner who will sell you to the highest bidder for their commissions. You want someone who knows where you come from and what you ultimately want.
  • Pick a place where you know your guests will be able to attend. With a destination wedding, it might be too expensive for people to make the trip so be understanding that not everyone can afford to come to the wedding, as well as purchase a gift.
  • Weather makes a huge difference! You might love Miami, but if you plan to get married during hurricane season, you might destroy your whole day! Be careful when choosing the location, and research what the place is like during that season. Vegas might be another one of your top places, but you don’t want to go when its 110 degrees!
  • In terms of the food and catering, be sure to ask for sample menus. It might be different to order the island’s food, but not everyone likes to eat food that they don’t recognize. Be simple. Select a couple of items that represent the place, but keep to foods that people would understand and enjoy too.
  • When you choose your flowers, make sure you go to a few different florists. Just because the venue offers a florist, it doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you. Try to use flowers that are growing in the location of your wedding and in season at the time of the event. In some countries, to import flowers means breaking the bank! When I did the wedding scenes for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I (which was just like a destination wedding!), I had the problem of getting a specific flower for the actress’ bouquet since sweet pea apparently doesn’t come that easy there. I ended up paying 20 times more than I would in New York, and the flowers were stopped at customs for four whole days! If it was not for a movie and we couldn’t switch the day, I would try and tell the bride to switch to something more local and available.
  • For entertainment, ask for CD samples of the music and production. Talk to the venue, and list out the songs you want to have played. Add some local music, but don’t forget yourself completely! Bring some flavor from home! It’s funny how the minute you leave home and travel around the world you’re looking for something that reminds you of home.

Tammy Carmona is a renowned upscale party and event planner who has designed and coordinated hundreds of events nationwide. Tammy is most notably known for her ethereal and flawless floral designs and décor in the exquisite wedding scenes from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn film.{"url":"","count":0})