Wedding Save-the-Date 101

One of the most exciting parts of your wedding is letting your friends and family members know the big news! A save-the-date announces your wedding date and informs guests that an invitation will soon be coming their way. Iffy about how to send a one? Follow our save-the-date Q&A to address your concerns.

Q: Do we have to send a save-the-date?

A: As destination and three-day weekend weddings have become more popular, sending save-the-dates has also become more of a standard. If you are marrying during high-travel times, like a holiday weekend or during the summer season, a save-the-date is an expected courtesy. Of course, you don’t have to send one, but it is a great way to introduce your wedding plans to guests and let them know you have set a date. Between travel arrangements and busy schedules, sending a save-the-date will increase the likelihood of guests attending your wedding. And that’s what you want, right? Your dearest friends and family celebrating your big day with you!

Q: When do we send a save-the-date?

A: It is customary to start sending save-the-dates at around six months prior to the ceremony (eight to nine months before a destination wedding). This gives your wedding guests plenty of time to make the appropriate travel arrangements, save up, and request time off from work. If you send it any earlier, your guests may put it aside and forget about it, and any later, then your guests, especially the Out-of-Towners, may not have enough time to plan ahead and attend your wedding

Q: Do we have to send save-the-dates to everyone?

A: Save-the-dates are only sent to those who you definitely plan to invite to your wedding. Once in the mailman’s hands, there is really no turning back, so take this into consideration before stamping that envelope. Even if you’ve already received informal confirmation from certain guests (bridesmaids, siblings, parents, etc.), you still need to send them a save-the-date. Your maid-of-honor may have helped put the save-the-dates together with you, but she should still receive one in the mail as well.

Highlight: If someone receives a save-the-date and will be unable to attend the wedding, they are likely to offer their regret far in advance. However, it is still common courtesy to send them a wedding invitation.

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