Cost Saving Wedding Planning Tip of the Day: Pick the Right Venue

Choosing the right venue for your ceremony and reception is very important in planning your wedding. Choose a venue that offers the most for what you are looking for. Here are a couple hints in choosing the perfect venue for you:

  • Lighting is often an aspect that can get overlooked. Make sure the venue has adequate lighting that meets your needs (bringing in a lighting designer can be costly). You don’t want to be blinded by light as you say I do or left in the dark as you have your first dance as husband and wife!
  • Check if there is nice tableware and a sound system for toasts and speeches. Venues sometimes offer house catering which can save you money on costs like kitchen rentals.

Helpful hint: If you are looking for a venue that gives off a certain ambiance, restaurants are a great option!  With so many restaurants out there to choose from, one is sure to meet the style and atmosphere you are looking for. Going with an upscale eatery? They will most likely have elegant tables, chairs, and decor easy to fall in love with. Going with a restaurant as opposed to an expensive venue like a popular hotel will save you a ton.

Top Feature Image: roey yohai photography