Wedding Planning: How Much to Tip Wedding Vendors

A lot of great people helped you to make your wedding into an incredible affair. Follow the below guidelines on gratuities to help show your thanks.

General Rules on Tipping: 

  • Tipping is optional unless it is explicitly stated in a contract.
  • Employees should be the recipients of the tips, not the business owner. If you are particularly happy with the service, feel free to throw in a little something extra to the business.
  • Tip vendors when you feel that they have done an exceptional job.
  • A thank-you note is always appreciated. Send one to your vendors to thank them for their hard work. They will value it as much as or more than a tip!
  • Have your wedding planner take care of passing out the tips. Give them an envelope with the cash for the vendors.

The below vendors usually expect a gratuity:

Limousine Drivers – A 15-20% tip is expected by the limo driver. A gratuity may have already been added to your bill so check it to make sure that you are not double-tipping.

Valet Parking Attendants – Guests usually tip the valet, however if gratuities were not accepted, the hosts are expected to contribute $1-$2 per car.

Restroom and/or Coatroom Attendants – Guests usually tip the attendants, however if gratuities were not accepted, the hosts are expected to contribute $.50 to $1.00 per guest.

Makeup artist or Hair Stylists – Just like a salon, a 15-20% tip is expected. Don’t skip out on this one—the stylists depend on it!

Wedding Delivery and Set-up Staff – Receiving deliveries such as the wedding cake, flowers, or the sound system, are essential to your special day. Tip each person $5 to $10 to show your gratitude. For the set-up staff, drop off tips to the catering manager in advance.

Bellman – There will be a lot of items from the wedding that you will want to take home (gifts, flowers, luggage, etc.). Tip the bellman $10-$20 for helping you bring them where they need to go.

Banquet Captain – As the food and beverage director, this person is responsible for the food needs of your guests. Tip them $1-$5 per guest.

Optional Tips (The following people tend to receive a gift from 50-70% of clients.):

Wedding Planner – Send up to $500 their way or a touching personal gift.

Wedding Ceremony Officiant – It is customary to donate $500+ to the church or synagogue where the ceremony was held, or an optional $50-100 to a nondenominational officiant.

Wedding Ceremony Musicians – For the beautiful music as you are walking down the aisle, give $15-$20 per musician at the end of the ceremony.

Wedding Reception Band or DJ – If you are having a band, give $20-$50 per musician. For a DJ, $50-$300 is customary.

Catering Manager/Director of Catering / Food and Beverage Director – Tip: $50-$500 for the incredible food.

Wedding Photographer/Videographer – For capturing the moment, give $50-$100 per vendor at the end of the reception.

Florist/Designer and Team – Tell your florist or designer that the tip (regardless of the amount) is expected to be split among the set up/break down team. Tip: $50-$200.

Don’t stress about the specific amount given to each vendor—tip as you think is right for the service provided!{"url":"","count":0})