Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Florist Plus 37 Stunning Flower Inspiration

Flowers are a beautiful piece in your wedding day celebration. You will hold them close as you walk down the aisle, and guests will admire them as they dine at your reception. Choosing a florist that meets your vision means asking the right questions! We’ve come up with a few top questions that you should ask to help you pick the perfect wedding florist for your big day:

  • Are you available on my wedding date?
  • May we see some of your past work? Tip: A portfolio of the florist’s previous designs will give you an idea of their style.
  • Is working within my budget feasible? Tip: You don’t want to fall in love with the perfect floral arrangements for your wedding just to find out they won’t be able to work within your budget.
  • Do you charge one flat-fee or per item? Is there a delivery charge?!
  • When is the deposit and final amount due? Is there a cancellation fee?  What is your refund policy? Do you have liability insurance? Tip: Make sure to go through every detail of the contract!
  • When do we need to give you a final count of flowers and arrangements we will need in total?
  • Do you think you can meet my vision? Do you have any suggestions based on my budget, vision and wedding style? Helpful hint: When you go to meet your florist for the first time, have your theme and ideas prepared for them. Giving them some idea of what you are looking for will make it easier for them to work with you. Florists with experience can give you ideas you never even thought of!
  • Will you also be working on other weddings the same day as ours? If so, how many?
  • Are you familiar with our venue location(s)?
  • Which flowers will be in season during my wedding? Tip: Ask your florist which blooms are in season or locally available during the time of your wedding to cut down on costs.
  • What kind of flowers would work well with my color scheme?
  • Will you make samples for me to see, and work with me to adjust them as needed? Tip: No matter how impressive a florist’s photos are, you must see a mock-up to determine if they can truly bring your vision to life.
  •  I want flowers in my cake design; can you work with my caterer?
  •  Can you preserve my bouquet?

Before signing that contact, make sure to use our list of questions to find the perfect florist. By the time of your wedding day, you will be pleased with your decision and surrounded by beautiful flowers encompassing your vision. Please share with friends, and leave comments with your thoughts of our florist guide!{"url":"","count":22})