Drop-Dead Gorgeous New York Wedding Shoot

Stunning. Simply stunning. There is just no other way to describe this beautiful, well-planned New York wedding shoot by the super talented Spectacular Affairs. From the modern chic ceremony to the drop-dead gorgeous florals to a bride and groom who are seriously stylish, it’s like everything I love about saying “I DO” wrapped up in one fabulous party. Have a look at these breathtaking images by Don Hwang of Olli Studio and see for yourself why I will never ever get enough of this soiree. wedding-reception-ideas-1-06052014nz From Spectacular Affairs: Parisian Stylist Caroline marries New York financier Joseph in a modern, sexy and exquisite style wedding in Battery Gardens NYC overlooking the Hudson River. In the distance is a clear view of the statue of liberty, the historic gift from the bride’s native country France to the USA. The color theme combination of mint and ivory is accentuated by hints of emerald and orange. The design inspiration for the event stems from the bride’s gown and is carried throughout in her cake, invitations, earrings, choice of china pattern, etc. The ceremony and reception have subtle touches of the bride’s native France (the chocolate favors) thus creating a personalized event truly reflecting couple. wedding-reception-ideas-2-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-3-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-4-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-5-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-6-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-7-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-8-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-9-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-10-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-11-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-12-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-13-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-14-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-15-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-16-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-17-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-18-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-19-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-20-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-21-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-22-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-23-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-24-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-25-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-26-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-27-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-28-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-29-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-30-06052014nz wedding-reception-ideas-32-06052014nz



Style Shoot Concept and Design: Spectacular Affairs, LLC, Wedding and Event Planners

Photographer: Don Hwang of Olli Studio

Florist and Floral Design: Spectacular Affairs, LLC

Location: Battery Gardens

Cinematography: VIP VISIONS

Gowns: Victoria Kyriakides

Jewelry: Deborah Pagani

Tuxedo: by Calvin Kleins from Quails, [email protected]

Hair: Kevin Jackson, [email protected]

Makeup & Nails: Elesia “Diva” Cunningham

Stationary: Atelier Isabey

Cake: Madison Lee’s Cakes

Favors: A’s Exquisite Cakes & Chocolates Inc

Linen: BBJ Linen Jeanette Alvarez, Office Manager NYC

Blooms provided: by J-Rose Wholesale Flowers, [email protected]

Models: Gosia Bratkowski (Bride) Caroline & Craig Kepen (Groom) Joseph