A Complete Guide to Writing Wedding Thank You Notes

We know writing thank-you notes for every wedding gift you receive doesn’t sound fun, but it is a must. To get through this daunting task, follow our guide from beginning to end to make it a much smoother process.

1. Start writing wedding thank-you notes as soon as your gifts arrive.
Some gifts may arrive before the wedding so make sure you divide and conquer! Organization goes a long way.

2. Thank-you notes should be sent within three months after the wedding.
If it slips your mind and you forget to send some thank-you notes, you should still send them no matter how many months have passed. Better late than never!

3. Traditionally, wedding thank-you notes are written in blue or black ink on folded ivory or white notepaper.
Personalize them by having your name or monogram embossed on the note. Also, make sure to only use your married name after you tie the knot!

4. For every gift you receive, specify the type of gift in your thank-you note:
” Thank you so much for the gorgeous 3-Piece Arden Candleholder Set you gave us on our special day! ”

5. If you receive money as a gift, mention how you plan to use it (there is no need to mention the dollar amount):
” Alex and I wanted to thank you greatly for the check you sent for a wedding gift. We are saving for a new home and thanks to you, we’ll be shopping for our dream house very soon.”

Remember: Not only is giving a gift thoughtful, so is taking the time to attend your wedding. Our guide will result in a much easier process of writing your thank-you notes. We’ve also provided some great examples to get you started:

Thank-You Notes Wording Examples:

Example 1: Wedding Thank-You Note Wording for a Cash Gift

Dear Chris and Kate,

Thank you so much for your generous gift. Alex and I have been saving for a new home and, thanks to you, we are steps closer to our dream house. Again, many thanks  for thinking of us and for sharing our special day.


Alex and Nicole

Example 2: Wedding Thank-You Note Wording for a gift chosen from your bridal registry

Dear John and Laura,

Thank you so much for being there on our wedding day and for your most generous gift for the start of our new lives together. The crystal wine goblets are gorgeous, Alex and I are looking forward to your next visit, when we can enjoy a drink together.


Alex  and Nicole

Example 3: Wedding Thank-You Note Wording for Someone Who Didn’t Attend the Wedding But Sent a Gift

Dear Russel and Jennifer,

Thank you so much for the beautiful wine glasses. We love them! We just received a shipment of wine from our wine club so we’ll be putting those glasses to good use soon. We missed you on our special day but promise to send you lots of pictures.


Alex and Nicole

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