5 Non-Traditional Wedding Centerpieces from Erganic Design & Living

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t step outside the norm, and try new and interesting things with your wedding centerpieces. So we caught up with Sojourner Auguste, Founder of Erganic Design & Living, to get some great new ideas on things you can do to spice up your tables and really have guests talking about how creative you are. Auguste assures us, “There are beautiful little details that can be added to a tablescape to make then stand out without having to go over the top.” (Ok, note to self.) She shared with us a few of her favorite ideas from recent weddings, and we are so in love!


Use animal figures. With the current animal print trends in fashion, this makes total sense!  “This wedding was at the Bronx Zoo,” explained Auguste. “So it was fitting to have animal figures at the table.” With a knack for modern style, she noted that there are two reasons to incorporate animals: one … if the couple loves animals or two …  if there is any other thematic reason to include them. So just go for it, and have fun!


Add a touch of sparkle! Appropriately placed sparkle is never a bad idea. So if you have a ton of old brooches for which you have yet to find a practical purpose, you’re in luck. “Adorn a typical vase with a beautiful brooch,” suggests Auguste. “This adds pop and glamour to your centerpieces and is a great way to infuse your personality into the décor.”


Think outside the box, and go square! There may be only one time when being a square is a good thing, and it might just be your wedding day. Auguste encourages her clients to think outside of the circle, and add pop with a bold color to wedding centerpieces.


Spray on copper accents. “Spray painted décor such as wine bottles or succulents on a table are not only visually interesting, but add a textural element creating depth that will make your tablescape that much more impactful,” said Auguste. Talk about practical! Now you know what to do with all those empty wine bottles from the bachelorette party. *side eye*


Rely on the glass orbs. I’ve always thought that adding circular design elements creates an ultra romantic and feminine vibe. Auguste proves my point. “Hanging elements from centerpieces are a fun and romantic way to add something extra to the tablecapes,” said Auguste. “The glass orbs can have candles, flowers, or even a note for your guests!”

And there you have it: five creative ideas to get you thinking outside the box and into the realm of creative wedding planning. Don’t be the average bride, be the trend setter. Then send us pictures to brag about your skills. We can’t wait to see!

Featured Photographers (order of appearance): Weddings by TwoStak PhotographyLaffler Photography, and Dante Williams | Wedding & Event Planner: Erganic Design & Living