5 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Feature Image via Orchidea Wedding Photography

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and the wedding planning process to go smoothly. While that’s not always going to be the case, here are some tips on common mistakes to avoid when planning the big day:

1. Starting the Planning Process Before Determining Your Budget– With the excitement of getting engaged, it’s easy to start envisioning that dream wedding and jump immediately into planning all the details. But unless you have a money tree in your back yard, before you start picking a venue or buying a gown, it’s important to at least have a general idea of how much you can devote financially to your special day. Here is another tip – many couples tend to underestimate what different items or services might cost, so it’s always good to add a little buffer to your budget in case you go beyond what was expected. That will make it easier to deal with any surprise costs or unexpected fees.

2. Buying Your Wedding Gown Before You Have a Wedding Date & Venue – Just like with the budget, it’s best not to jump ahead and purchase a dress if you don’t have a date or location selected. These two things can help dictate the style of the gown, and help avoid any last minute changes later on. Once you have a date, you’ll also know the time of year and what the weather might be like. While nothing is guaranteed, at least knowing these two things will make your dress shopping experience more productive and fun!

3. Not Hiring a Wedding Coordinator – While I may be a little biased here as a wedding planner, I’ve come across a lot of couples who regretted not hiring at least a “Day of Coordinator” for their wedding. Yes, your mom, your sister, cousin, etc, can help out with a lot of things. A venue or church coordinator can help with the setup and ensure things go smoothly. But a wedding planner goes beyond that. They will know all the details of your wedding inside and out. The wedding planner does not work for the venue, they work for you and are there to make sure everything happens according to plan, from beginning to end. They help with some things are not covered under the contract with your venue. A planner is the single point of contact for ALL your vendors and can make sure that everyone is on the same page on the day of the wedding.

4. Not Hiring a Professional Photographer – After spending months planning your wedding, picking out all the flowers, décor, and other details, you will want to have memories of the entire day and have them captured in the best way possible. A professional wedding photographer will know how to document the entire day and have the experience to know what angles and lighting will be most flattering for the location.   You only have one chance to capture this moment, so trust it to a pro.

5. Not Investing in a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist – There are many things you can DIY for your wedding, and by all means, if you are very artistic, why not! But one thing I would advise against is doing your own hair and makeup. A professional makeup artist will bring out your best qualities and use the most advanced high definition makeup that will make you look even more stunning in your wedding photos. A professional hair stylist can create your dream up-do and knows all the tricks to make the hairstyle last all day and through the night. Besides, who wouldn’t want to get the star treatment on their wedding day! (Extra tip: Make sure you do a trial for both hair and makeup so you can make any adjustments before the wedding day).


Photo: via prettydesigns.com