Beauty 101: Radiant Skin For Your Wedding Day

When I lived in the DC area, I worked as a makeup artist and had the pleasure of serving many beautiful brides for several years. As we would have our consultation and trial sessions, I would always, without fail, annunciate the importance of skincare. You’re in luck because I’ll be sharing my tips and secrets with you free of charge! ;)

yogaPhoto: Mexico Beach

First of all, it’s so important to understand how your body works. Everything is relative so factors such as diet, sleep, and stress will all play a part in how your body functions, or for the sake of this conversation how your skin appears. More than the type of skincare products you use, the internal factors play a much bigger role in getting radiant skin. During the wedding planning process, you may feel extremely stressed at times, but it’s important to keep your stress level low as a lot of adult acne (particularly in the chin and cheek areas) are caused by the influx of hormone levels. Try to find an activity that relieves your stress… perhaps something fun with your bridal party like flying yoga, cooking/baking or Sex And The City marathons?

Photo: Nicoletta Daskalakis

With that said, here are some major musts in order to achieve that glow:

1. Rest.
In every way possible. Rest your mind, body and soul. Stress is the worst thing for your skin but sleep is the best.  Especially the week of your wedding, it’s so important that you’re well rested.

2. Hydrate.
If we were going in order of importance, hydration would definitely be number one. There’s nothing more vital to glowing skin than hydration. I always emphasize the importance of staying hydrated, especially the week of the wedding, to my brides. I’ll text them reminders throughout the week to keep drinking water and I guess they listen well because they text back saying, “I’m drinking a lot but I’m also going to the bathroom every two seconds!” A great moisturizer and face mist will definitely help, however, there’s nothing better than a radiance that comes from within. Here is a grocery list I made with a list of foods that are great for the skin!

3. Skincare.
When all else fails, luckily there are so many amazing skincare products out there to come to the rescue. Having a skincare regimen in place at least months before the wedding is crucial. One tip to keep in mind is it takes at least 2 weeks for your skin to adjust to any new products, so don’t try to switch up your skincare routine within a month before your wedding! The main steps you should have in your skincare routine for radiant skin are:

  • Cleanse thoroughly
  • Exfoliate at least once a week
  • Use a serum to boost radiance and improve overall tone and texture
  • Moisturize night and day

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