What Men Think About Wedding Dresses

80 percent. That’s the portion of men we surveyed who said the wedding dress is important to them. And I thought men were complete space cadets when it comes to bridal fashion. Nope. Not our guy friends. We threw out a fun survey to 88 male friends of the MODwedding team to find out what they want to see their brides wear down the aisle. Here’s what the results revealed.


Featured Dress: Galia Lahav

Wedding Dress Color — Even though ivory wedding dresses have become a huge preference among brides these days for various reasons (complements the skin tone, having a second wedding, or just because), our survey suggests that some men may still love a bride in white. Fifty-six percent of the guys we surveyed prefer to see their future bride in white on the wedding day, while only 22% chose ivory. Maybe this is a bias of the socially acceptable, but it’s an interesting thought nonetheless. Four of the 88 respondents prefer to see their brides in another color. “Her in a black or red wedding dress and the guests all wearing white; I love that concept,” said one guy.

Wedding Dress Silhouette — The mermaid. The ball gown. The A-line. Us gals can get caught up in the mission to find the most flattering silhouette. But are guys fairly indifferent? Of the 88 guys we surveyed, 48% would like to see their future bride in a fitted gown, and only 28% prefer her in a ball gown. As we suspected, 31% said they could care less about the shape of their lady’s wedding dress. Age and ethnicity might also influence preferences. galia-lahav-wedding-dresses-11-08202014nz

Featured Dress: Galia Lahav

The Wedding Veil — Many brides struggle with the idea of wearing a wedding veil. It’s that kind of thing that you either love or hate. Though wedding veils are deeply rooted in religious tradition, a notable 50% of the gentlemen we surveyed don’t have a preference about the veil, though 22% of the guys said they would prefer one. Only 5% of our fellows had no clue what a veil is. Good job, guys.

The Bottom Line — Overall, 80% of the guys we surveyed say their future bride’s attire is somewhat to very important to them, compared to only 20% who say it’s not important to them at all. But wait. Contrarily, a whopping 69% of the men we surveyed would prefer not to go shopping for the wedding dress. Hmmm. Traditionally speaking, it’s been somewhat of a taboo for the groom to have any ideas about what his bride wears. Our survey reveals that most guys know that. Only 11% of these guys want to go shopping for the wedding dress, though many still have an interest in what wifey sports on the big day.


Featured Dress: Bien Savvy

Against the Grain — One guy admitted to wanting the best of both worlds. “I feel like a hypocrite,” he said. My friend explained that he doesn’t care about any wedding attire details, but absolutely wants his bride to consult him about the dress. I told him not to worry, he’s no hypocrite if he has the credit card to back that up. “Touche,” he replied, and we moved on.

I’m willing to bet most men will love whatever their best gal decides to wear down the aisle. As one man-friend summed it up perfectly, “The attire is a small thing. When you over think, it causes more stress on an occasion that should be stress free. Clothing is not going to change the way we feel about each other.” Well said, my friend, well said.

Featured Wedding Dress Designers: Bien Savvy | Galia Lahav

Editor’s Note: The results from this survey reflect the opinions of friends of MODwedding editors and are not a generalization of what all men think. Respondents were mainly engaged via social networks and in person.