How to Make an Amazing 5-Year Wedding Anniversary Time Capsule

Yes, wedding planning is all so fabulous. But after the wedding, there you are, married. And marriage takes work. So the best thing you can do is prepare for the ups and downs, and the celebration of having made it through those ups and downs. Creating a wedding time capsule is a great way to savor your marriage and reminisce on good times when those great moments are long gone. Here’s is some visual inspiration from A Handcrafted Wedding (also known as Upcycled Treasures) and practical instruction on how to create a fantastic time capsule to open on your 5 year anniversary.


Start early. Way before the wedding day, you and your groom should spend time really thinking about what you want to go inside your time capsule. Perhaps you each will write a letter that will be a reminder of why you love each other. Or perhaps you will ask your wedding guests to bring pictures or yor write little postcard notes to include in your capsule just after the wedding. Either way, avoid waiting until just before the wedding to prepare for your capsule. Start early, and really make it good.


Select an open date. Many couples will decide not to open their wedding time capsule until their five year anniversary … or their first major fight (which ever comes first). Try not to set your unsealing date too far away, as it can be easily forgotten with time. But don’t set the date too early either — you’ll want to unsealing of your capsule to be worth the wait.


Decide where to store your capsule. I strongly recommend not storing your precious piece unground like some old 90s movie. It is likely to become damaged by moisture or animals. Instead, think about a great place in your new home to either put your capsule on display (so you don’t forget it) or to store in a cool, dry place (perhaps, under the coffee table).


Select a container. You might go with a sturdy tin capsule, but that’s become kinda outdated (not that that timing matters with this type of thing). You might also consider an engraved wooded box with a lock and key. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s big enough to hold a glass of wine, several letters, and other keepsakes.


Determine what goes inside. Below are just a few ideas of objects to include. But get creative with your time capsule and consider what makes you and your spouse unique.

  • A bottle of your favorite wine (unless you’re a scotch kind of gal)
  • Love letters to each other
  • A newspaper from your wedding day
  • A copy of your wedding guest registry
  • A copy of your wedding vows
  • A list of things you want to accomplish between the time you seal the capsule and the time you open it.

So there you have it: several ideas to get your creative juices flowing. For more amazing DIY wedding ideas, check out Katie Nathey at A Handcrafted Wedding. She’s some kinda amazing!


Time Capsule Design: Katie Nathey, A Handcrafted Wedding | Photography: Facing the Lens Photography{"url":"","count":7})