Unique Wedding Decor: Leave Your Guests Speechless!

Caitlin Campbell & Marissa Tavarozzi from True Event share some expert tips on how to make your wedding reception really stand out:

Top featured image:  Judy Pak Photography

Stuck when it comes to thinking of clever, creative and unique ways to grasp the attention of your guests at your wedding? Check out these stunning and distinctive décor ideas to give a little extra flare to your wedding and keep your guests talking about you and your now husband’s fabulous taste for months after the wedding is over!

Depending on the style you have in mind for your special day, there are various different ways to make the décor for your wedding stand out amongst the regular and common décor ideas that are typically seen. Décor pieces do not necessarily need to be overly complex in order to be considered unique; they just need to have a little something out of the ordinary. A lot of these ideas can be DIY projects or done inexpensively, while there are others that require a higher end budget. Either way, there is always a way to incorporate irreplaceable and creative décor ideas into your magical day to make it shine even brighter!

1. Escort cards are easy to add detail and uniqueness to because there are so many options of how to design and set them up! Below are a few ideas of how to take escort cards, something that can very easily be overseen, and turn it into a true detail of the wedding and an aspect that guests will admire and remember.


Photo Credit: Judy Pak Photography

2. There are also a lot of options on décor when it comes to food and drink. Yes, you could do the standard passed appetizers and cocktails during cocktail hour, or you could spice it up and add something that shows some of your personality as a couple!

True-Event-16-09302014ak True-Event-2-09302014akPhoto Credit: Leila Brewster Photography, Stationary: Paper Moss, Florist: Hana Floral Design, Caterer: Capers Catering

3. The paper is another detail of the wedding that guests tend to remember. When it comes to making the menu or the invitations and the rest of the details on stationary, it is always a great idea to add something different and special that really adds to the theme of your special day!

True-Event-13-09302014ak True-Event-12-09302014ak

Photo Credit: Leila Brewster Photography, Stationery: Paper Moss

4. Favors are something that the guests are going to remember the most because it is the one detail from the wedding that they are able to walk away with. Make sure that whatever your wedding favor is really reflect you two as a couple! Get creative and silly when it comes to brainstorming ideas and coming up with unique ways to distribute them to your guests!


Photo Credit: Judy Pak Photography

5. Adding in pieces of furniture to the décor is a creative and unique way to put personal touches into the décor and create an ambiance that reflects your wedding’s theme. Utilize the space of your venue as much as you can in order to create an environment that your guests will never want to leave! Below we have photos of various weddings we have designed that include furniture pieces and gorgeous lighting that extenuates the event space.


Photo Credit: Leila Brewster Photography, Florist: Hana Floral Design