8 Floral Designs to Match Your Groomsmen’s Accessories

Creating the strategically styled wedding you envision is easy when you have plenty of inspiration to help you along the way! While bridesmaid’s dresses usually trump groomsmen’s ensembles when it comes to creating the perfect wedding palette, designers at Erganic Design & Living think using the guys as your muse is a great way of thinking outside of the box. Here, we join forces with Bows ‘N Ties and Erganic Design to bring you inspirational combinations of flower arrangements and groomsmen’s accessories for an expertly styled wedding day.

1. Summer romance blooms with these beautiful soft peach and cream-colored daisies and roses dangling from hanging glass vessels. A pair of silver stainless steel cufflinks boasts a floral design that makes the perfect gift for groomsmen, especially when paired with this solid light coral peach necktie.

v94C8Zm02t7dhGuNdgoEewqNP_GHwK5cHRImoZtUy9wPhotographer: Aaron Almendral | Tie: Bows’N Ties | Cufflinks: Bows ‘N Ties | Florals: Erganic Design

2. Accentuate the deep green hue of this gorgeous bouquet’s rose leaves with a solid hunter green necktie. Its dark shade is a great contrast with the soft peach, ivory, and blush pink roses. A formal striped pocket square in ivory and champagne is a subtle accent to its lighter colors and looks fantastic when furled in the breast pocket of a classic black tuxedo.

JAlmQ16J4FU4GhWBmxt4uQTksSgyeaR6clvtyWwkxJ4Photographer: Barnaby Draper | Tie: Bows ‘N Ties | Pocket Square: Bows ‘N Ties | Florals: Erganic Design

3. Pair classic romance and dapper decadence with an arrangement of red and ivory flowers that expertly compliments your groomsmen’s bright red bow ties. A pair of black cufflinks adds a subtle sophistication with gold stainless steel that highlights the champagne glow of the ivory hued roses.

pFP6Vhp1G7whDykvWoGlnI6iPPKUYLHnKvOIL3m59dcPhotographer: Nathan Russell | Cufflinks: Bows ‘N Ties | Florals: Erganic Design

4. With this arrangement of stunning flowers styled in tall black vases adorning the tables of your reception, a burgundy wedding palette never looked so lovely. Standing next to them, your favorite gentlemen adorned in the classic black self-tie bow tie, golden square cufflinks, and a paisley silk pocket square for an exotic touch.

cYC-FFmWa0IkrcgvLhUQ_OA33qDzYWLgP1LIyydWR3EPhotographer: Cody Rasig | Bow Tie: Bows ‘N Ties | Pocket Square: Bows ‘N Ties | Cufflinks: Bows ‘N Ties | Florals: Erganic Design

5. For monochromatic flower arrangements like these dusty roses, a striped tie with an assortment of colors is the way to go. Here, the solid gray pocket square brings out the subtle gray stripes.

vnxcmAEJBglr7ZZ0L2F6Crpn68dE6sAUSNb9ZJ-pkAkPhotographer: STAK Photography | Tie: Bows ‘N Ties | Pocket Square: Bows ‘N Ties | Florals: Erganic Design

6. Burnt orange and yellow are excellent color combinations for both summer and fall. Dress your groomsmen in this narrow striped lemon-yellow necktie adorned with a silver tie bar, and sit them next to your favorite arrangement of dark orange flowers in a square glass vase.

RctOEf-VKks8K-BcSqonBNR-KwAsasnqclc6Jijmd0wPhotographer: Joshua Dwain | Tie: Bows ‘N Ties | Tie Bar: Bows ‘N Ties | Florals: Erganic Design

7. There’s a reason why mint and coral are this year’s most popular wedding colors. A bright coral-pink flower surrounded by white posies in a shorter vase makes for a brilliant springtime centerpiece that matches best with gold table adornments. A skinny-width pin-dot necktie and pocket square in mint add a fresh and modern appeal, and is pulled together with table accents by a golden tie bar.

43cMYDrl9jnkxW436ysHETX9SVxhMKiUjvpBkEUkWpUPhotographer: Todd Laffler | Tie: Bows ‘N Ties | Pocket Square: Bows ‘N Ties | Tie Bar: Bows ‘N Ties | Florals: Erganic Design

8. A whimsical wedding scene is perfected with arrangements of purple roses and blue hydrangeas. Finish your groomsmen’s outfits with a dapper bowtie in bright azure blue and keepsake cufflinks in silver and purple stainless steel.

L05sFHqEA4hwmIuNLxfIytmofQ6zdXVD144ltBoJ3zQPhotographer: Aaron Almendral | Bow Tie: Bows ‘N Ties | Cufflinks: Bows ‘N Ties | Florals: Erganic Design