The Different Types of Wedding Officiants For Your Ceremony

Deciding on who will perform your wedding ceremony is an important decision. The wedding officiant you choose will play a significant part in your day. There are four types of wedding officiants that can help guide you through this important moment.

1. Religious Wedding Officiant

If you are leaning towards a more traditional religious ceremony, you can choose a religious leader such as a priest or rabbi. This could be someone you have known since childhood or someone new at your current place of worship.

Things to consider:

Be aware of any restrictions at the particular house of worship that might impact your ability to have your wedding there, prior to booking the venue. You may be required to take pre-marital classes or follow particular rules that may impact your ceremony itself.

2. Civil Wedding Officiant

If you’re looking to just tie the knot and make it official, you may choose a judge or justice of the peace. Check with your local city clerk’s office to see what options are available in your location, since the wedding officiants may vary by state, and include some other options.

Things to consider:

This could also be an option if you are getting married in another country or by an officiant who is not legally authorized in your area. A quick, private ceremony by a justice of the peace prior to your wedding celebration will ensure that you are legally married in your state.

3. Professional Wedding Officiant

This option is best for couples who do not want a strictly religious ceremony, but either a secular or spiritual one. A professional wedding officiant can incorporate any elements that you would like including some religious traditions.

Things to consider:

Professional wedding officiants will have examples of ceremony transcripts that you can choose from or use as an inspiration to create your own ceremony outline.

4. Friend or Family Member

Having a close friend or family member as your wedding officiant and getting ordained to perform the ceremony is a growing trend. It makes your wedding day even more special and meaningful to have a loved one be involved.

Things to consider:

If you choose this option, be sure to research your state’s rules and laws to see if they recognize someone who was ordained online to perform a wedding ceremony.

Find a civil servant or ceremony officiant in your area here.

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