In What Order Should You Book Your Wedding Vendors?

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How do you go about prioritizing your wedding vendors? While each one will play an important role in your wedding day, there are certain vendors you might consider booking at the very beginning of the planning process due to their availability and how many weddings they could do per weekend, or simply because of their importance to you specifically; while others can be booked closer to your wedding date. Here are some tips to get you started:

Priority One:

  • Wedding Planner: This is probably the first person you want to talk to, especially if you are booking a full planning package, so that they can help guide you through the process and recommend other vendors.
  • Officiant: If you are considering a particular officiant, let’s say it’s someone you know very well, you will want to book them as soon as you have a wedding date to make sure they are available.
  • Photographer: Good photographers are in high demand and they can only work one wedding in a day, or even in a weekend, if they have to travel. Since their schedule is limited, it’s a good idea to look at photographers early in the planning process since some are booked a year or more in advance.
  • Caterer: While a caterer can usually do more than one wedding in a weekend, they can also be limited and if food is a priority for you, this should also be one of the first vendors to consider.
  • Band or DJ: Just like with a photographer, a band or DJ can only do one event in a day so the good ones will get booked early. Since they play a significant role in creating a fun mood for the reception, it might also be high on your list.

Priority Two:

  • Videographer: while some couples consider capturing their wedding on video as a high priority, not all couples will hire a videographer and there are usually some good ones available closer to your wedding date. Some companies also have multiple cameramen so they can accommodate several events in one weekend.
  • Florist: most florists can handle multiple clients in one weekend so you can book them after you have some of the other vendors pinned down.
  • Cake baker: just like with a florist, a bakery should be able to accommodate multiple weddings and it’s something you can book a little later in the planning process.
  • Hairstylist: if you’re looking at a particular stylist, remember that the best ones will also book early and can usually only do one wedding in a day, depending on the timing and number of ladies getting their hair done.
  • Transportation: Many companies have a number of vehicles to choose from, however remember that certain times of year may be popular and it might be a good idea to book your limo or other transportation earlier.

Priority Three:

  • Invitation designer: there are so many invitation vendors to choose from and you can plan to do this later in the planning process. However, if you are doing custom work, you should start looking into it about four months out.
  • Ceremony musicians: there are usually many musicians available so you can wait until about a few months out from the wedding, unless you have your eye on a particular ensemble that might be in higher demand.
  • Lighting company: most such companies can handle multiple clients in one day and are easier to book closer to the wedding date.
  • Makeup artist: there are numerous makeup artists who can accommodate you and your bridal party, so unless you have a particular one in mind, you should have no problem in finding someone a few months before the wedding.
  • Rentals: most rental companies will have enough items in stock to accommodate your wedding, so you shouldn’t have any issues making a reservation closer to the wedding.{"url":"","count":13})