Pink and Gold Candlelit Chicago Wedding Full of Elegance

Who doesn’t love a nice candlelit wedding reception that’ll have every guest falling in love all over again. The use of blush and gold in this gorgeous wedding is just perfect. You can thank Bliss Weddings & Events for pulling this one together at the Art Institute of Chicago. Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about having a wedding in a creative atmosphere is the amount of creativity that spills over into the event. Mandy and Matt are one luck couple to have tied the knot at such a beautiful location with talented people making it all happen.

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Photography: Amanda Sudimack / Artisan Events | Florist: Kehoe Designs | Cake: Bittersweet | Invitations: Elizabeth Grace | Catering: Bon Appetit | Band: Skyline | Makeup: Facade Makeup Artistry | Planning & Design: Bliss Weddings And Events | The Art Institute Of Chicago: The Art Institute Of Chicago{"url":"","count":0})