Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Baker

Featured Image: via Colin Cowie Weddings

A wedding cake can be a statement piece and a reflection of your wedding theme and your personality as a couple. Whether you choose a traditional multi-tiered cake, something unique in shape, or a variety of cupcakes, it’s so much more than just a dessert. Here is a guide to help you choose the right cake designer for your special day!

1. What filling choices do you offer?

The filling can make a significant difference in taste, whether you choose something like a raspberry, or a chocolate one – bakers can use fresh fruits, purees, mousses or buttercream for this portion of the cake.

2. Do you use fondant or buttercream?

This is important to know because some couples may have a strong preference for one over the other. Many bakers will do both but you should confirm if they can do the type of cake you’re looking for.

3. Can you create sugar flowers? If I prefer fresh flowers, will you collaborate with the florist?

Most bakers should be able to offer sugar flowers or other artistic elements to decorate the outside of the cake. If you prefer the look of fresh blooms, see if they can work with your florist to create a stunning design. In either case it’s always good to view their previous work to get a sense of their style and get some inspiration as well.

4. How far in advance do you prepare the wedding cake?

Most bakeries have multiple clients at a time and sometimes have to prepare wedding cakes several days in advance. While this is normal and should not impact the way your cake looks or tastes, obviously the closer they can make it to your wedding day, the better.

5. Who will make the wedding cake?

While some bakeries have just one person who will make the whole cake from start to finish, some might involve several people so you want to ensure that you talk to the right person about the actual design of the cake.

6. How do you price the wedding cakes?

It’s typical for bakeries to charge for a cake by the slice so they may ask how many guests you are expecting. The price might also be impacted depending on the types of flavors and fillings you choose, as well as how intricate the design is. Custom work will likely be more expensive.

7. Does the price include the top tier of the wedding cake?

Some bakers will offer to include the top tier for free, and this is traditionally saved by the couple for their first anniversary. See what the baker’s policy is on this and whether or not it would be included in the total price. (Some bakeries are now also offering to bake a small anniversary cake so that you don’t have to worry about saving the top tier.)

8. Do you have cake stands?

Most bakers can offer you a choice of cake stands that you can rent for the wedding day. See what options they have and choose one based on the style and the design of your cake.

9. Do you have cake tastings? Is there a cost?

This is a crucial step in the process because it allows you to taste some samples and try different flavor combinations and also check out different bakeries. You will have a chance to discuss your vision and come up with the perfect design based on your overall wedding style. Some companies may charge a fee for the tasting and could apply that towards your cake order if you go with their bakery.

10. What is the process for delivery?

Ideally, the bakery should be able to deliver the cake directly to your reception venue, and at a time that works with the venue’s hours. Some bakers may charge a delivery fee, so it’s good to know that in advance in case it impacts your cake budget.

11. Is the bakery licensed?

While this might seem like an obvious thing, it might be good to verify that the baker is licensed by the state health department.{"url":"","count":786})