Wedding Hair and Makeup Checklist: Things To Do

“So much to do, so little time!” I know that must go through your head at least 10 times per day, so to make things a little bit easier for you on the beauty front, here is a checklist of the essential things you must do for hair and makeup as you get ready for your big day.

Things to Do:

  1. Schedule an appointment with hairstylist for a trial session
    Bring: headpiece (if you have one), a photo or sketch of dress to show the neckline, photos of hairstyles you like
  2. Schedule an appointment with makeup artist for a trial session
  3. Book your hairstylist for the wedding day
    Bring: photos of makeup styles you like
  4. Book your makeup artist for the wedding day
  5. Make an appointment for manicure and pedicure
  6. Schedule appointments for your bridesmaids (if desired) for hair, makeup and/or nails
  7. Confirm all beauty appointments – at least 2 weeks in advance!
  8. Have a lipstick or gloss for touch-ups during the wedding
  9. Have your payment ready before the wedding day. Either pay them prior to the day or give the payment to your wedding coordinator (if you hire one) to take care of it for you.

Pro Tips:

  1. You may not usually wear much makeup on a regular basis, but it’s recommended to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding. For one, getting pampered will be a great start to your day as you won’t have to worry about a thing for the two hours you’re getting your hair and makeup done. Two, professionals will be able to help you look your best for wedding photos! After all, they say that after the big day, all you have left besides your memory are the photos and video.
  2. After your makeup trial with your makeup artist, be sure to get the name of the shade of lipstick so that you can obtain one for touch-ups throughout the night.
  3. Prepare oil blotting paper to use throughout the night. From all the chaos and excitement, a shiny face will be inevitable. I recommend having a small clutch for your lipstick and oil sheets. If you feel you’ll lose track of the clutch throughout the night, give it to your maid-of-honor; after all, she’s supposed to bey our right hand woman that night, right?
  4. Wear a button-down shirt (or something easy to get off) when you are getting your hair and makeup done; you’ve paid for a professional to do your hair and makeup, you don’t want to ruin it while taking off your shirt when it’s time to get into your dress.
  5. Don’t change your skincare regimen or get any skin treatments (such as a facial) in the two weeks before your wedding. You don’t want to irritate your skin and risk breaking out just weeks or days before the big day!
  6. Don’t get a new hair cut right before your wedding; instead, get a trim about 3-4 weeks before the big day so your hair has enough time to grow in beautifully.
  7. Do treat yourself to a nice mani/pedi (perhaps with your bridal party). The manicure will be the perfect touch to your total look; plus, whenever someone asks to see your rings, you’ll have perfectly polished nails. The pedicure will be a nice relaxation treat and your toes will be all ready for the honeymoon.

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