14 Smart Ideas to Help You Save On Wedding Flowers

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1. Be flexible – It’s best to remain flexible about the flowers and let your florist choose the best option based on availability and cost. There are many factors that could impact what specifically you can get (ex. rains wiping out crops, heat waves, transportation issues, etc). Even though you might not be able to get the specific flower you wanted, the florist can choose a replacement that has a similar look in terms of color and style.

2. Go local – work with your florist to choose what is locally available and in season, which will likely be a lot lower in cost because of transportation, and if the flowers are in season they will look more abundant and beautiful.

3. Focal points – If you are looking to save on flowers, focus your budget on those arrangements that will be most visible to your guests, such as the altar, the bride’s bouquet, and table centerpieces.

4. Seasonal decor – Take advantage of seasonal décor in a house of worship or see if you could potentially share ceremony flowers if there is another couple getting married at your venue the same day.

5. Bargain flowers – See if your florist has spotted any deals on flowers that are considered “bargain”. You get a lot more bang for the buck and can use just a couple bunches of a particular flower to scatter across tables, float them in glass containers or hang using fishing line.   You could also use tall branches, grasses or other types of décor that can enhance the arrangements and make them more dramatic.

6. Grouping of inexpensive flowers – Use less expensive flowers of the same color and combine them together to make beautiful designs that can be surprising (for example, if you use just baby’s breath, but a lot of it, the effect is quite striking).

7. Submerged flowers – Submerged flowers can look stunning and elegant in tall glass cylinders. You can use flowers such as orchids or amaryllis. This can be just as dramatic as a traditional floral arrangement.

8. Go simple – Going with simpler arrangements will cut down on the time required to prepare them, which will save your overall costs. Any large instillations will require more staff and therefore will be more expensive, especially if they have to be assembled on site.

9. Reuse arrangements – Some of the larger arrangements can serve double duty. For example, you can reuse your ceremony arrangements for the reception, either at the entrance, on the escort card table, or the stage for the band. Most guests won’t even notice that they are the same flowers.

10. Less bridesmaids – The smaller your wedding party, the less you will spend on flowers. Each bridesmaid bouquet can be pricey and they can quickly add up if you have more than a couple bridemaids.

11. Get creative with your centerpieces – rather than flower arrangements in vases, you can use potted plants, which can then be given out to guests at the end of the night or as gifts to relatives or your wedding party.

12. Low centerpieces – Lower centerpieces tend to be more budget-friendly than tall ones. If you really love the look of tall arrangements, use them on only half of the tables to save some money.

13. Beautiful venue – If you pick a location that already has flowers on site, such as botanical gardens or conservatories, you will likely be able to save money since the location will already be beautiful.

14. Avoid certain holidays – If you can, avoid having your wedding during a time of year when there is a higher demand for flowers, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. These holidays can significantly impact the prices of flowers and affect your flower budget.