23 Things That Drive Your Wedding Guests Crazy

Featured Image: Marie Labbancz 

We’ve all been there… we have gone to weddings where as a guest, there were some things that just drove us nuts.  You have probably attended weddings where at least a few of these things happened and made the experience a little unpleasant.  Hopefully this list will help you avoid any issues or discomfort for your guests, and help make them feel welcome and enjoy the entire wedding day:

  1. No alcohol – most guests will expect at least beer and wine to be served, so don’t disappoint!
  2. A wedding that takes place outdoors during a cold month – if you can’t avoid this scenario, consider heat lamps or offer guests wraps to keep them warm.
  3. Speeches and toasts that are too long – make sure to ask your speakers to keep their toasts relatively short, especially if there are more than one or two.
  4. Having to take part in trying to catch the bouquet when you’re single – as fun as this is for some ladies, not everyone feels comfortable participating in this tradition.
  5. If the ceremony begins earlier than stated on the invitation.
  6. No seating assignments – believe it or not, guests like to be told where to go, makes things easier for everyone and there’s no thinking involved.
  7. Not enough chairs for all the guests – make sure that there are some extra chairs available, just in case.
  8. Having to sit at a table with strangers – if you can, place your guests with at least some other people they might know.
  9. Not enough food for everyone or only offering small appetizers rather than a full meal.
  10. Not being able to bring a date because you haven’t been together for the right amount of time.
  11. When there is no dancing – believe it or not, people do actually like to get out on a dance floor.
  12. Just like with cold weather, an outdoor wedding when it’s very hot outside can be just as unpleasant – if your wedding day is unusually warm, plan to have fans, little umbrellas, or some kind of shade to offer your guests.
  13. Cash bars – think of it this way, would you ask your house guests to pay for their drinks when they come over for dinner?
  14. If the DJ talks too much in between songs – it’s one thing to make announcements throughout the evening, but no need to interrupt the party atmosphere with unnecessary comments throughout.
  15. If the cocktail hour is too long and there are no hors d’oeuvres served – that much alcohol with no food can be a bad combination before dinner even gets started.
  16. If the music is only for one particular age demographic – a variety of music is always a safe bet.
  17. Speeches that are done after too much alcohol – never a good scenario.
  18. Speeches with too many inside jokes.
  19. When there is no convenient place to park – consider a valet service or shuttles to make things easier for your guests.
  20. When there aren’t enough restrooms for the number of guests – they’d rather be out on the dance floor having fun that waiting in line, so consider this when choosing a venue.
  21. Any spelling errors on escort/place cards or wedding favors.
  22. When the couple doesn’t stop by your table to greet you – try to thank each guest for coming, especially if they’ve traveled a long way to come to the wedding.
  23. When there is no wine at the tables – have the caterers place a couple bottles on each table to make it easier for the guests during the reception.