Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Ring Settings

Your engagement ring, the symbol of your union and unity, is an important decision to make, and with so many gorgeous styles it can be one tough choice. Whether you’re actively looking for a ring or just day dreaming about the future, it’s important to know what’s what. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but without the right setting that complements your ring and your hand, the diamond is just a pretty rock.

We asked Yehouda Saketkhou, the designer behind the coveted and award-winning Yael Designs, for a little help on what to know when choosing your engagement ring setting. He unleashes it all below.

Stylish Settings — There are almost as many styles of settings as there are cuts of diamonds (you’ve learned your 4 Cs of diamonds already, right?), but we’ve broken down some of the top styles. The Prong style is the most common and involves four prongs that hold the center diamond in place. An embellished band that gives way to sleek prongs, highlighting the vibrant beauty of the diamond is a great way to go, as it’s the perfect combination between modern and classic.

Another great, though more rarely seen style, is the Bezel setting, which involves a low set diamond and is particularly great for an active bride or those who works with their hands. We love the Bezel design as it adds glamour to comfort, mixing fun and function! Comfort is always an important factor to think about, making the Bezel an option to consider if you’re an active bride.

If you love over-the-top opulence, then the Cluster setting is the perfect choice. A multitude of diamonds to surround the star of the show makes for a majestic, yet feminine ring that makes a statement. Setting style can greatly affect the width of a band, so keep in mind your comfort preference when it comes to a thinner or wider band.

Colorful Bands — Just as important as setting style is the color of the band. White, yellow, and rose gold each have a unique feel and can change the tone of a ring. White gold, like platinum, is the classic choice as it blends in perfectly with diamonds, increasing the overall shimmer and thus creating a big look. Yellow gold, on the other hand, is a bold color that contrasts the diamond, making each stone and engraving clearly visible. Rose gold settings offer a vintage feel and look great on every skin tone, which has greatly increased their popularity in recent years. While all metal colors pair well with colorless diamonds, if you’re choosing a yellow or pink diamond, a sapphire or another stone as your center, then think about how those colors will pair together.

Embellished Bands — Like color, the style of the band can make a huge impact on your ring. Simple bands with little or no enhancement are a chic, classic choice and might be the way to go if you’re not looking for over-the-top or if you want to play up the center diamond with a slim diamond band.

Another option is an embellished band, which tends to be thicker to fit in more design elements and creates a more unique feel. Bands with floral or geometric motifs make for an intricate design that is about more than just the center rock. Of course, there is no such thing as too many diamonds, so sprinkling the band with added sparkle may just be the winning bet.

Engagement Ring + Wedding Band — Keep in mind that if you want to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together, they will have to match both in style and band color. Depending on your personal preference, a simple wedding band may be the best option, especially if your engagement ring has a more modest setting. However, for those who love glamour, don’t be afraid to search out a wedding band studded with diamonds or embellished to match the engagement ring. One trend that is both creative and functional is the combination engagement ring and wedding band. They function as a set, each one reflecting the highlights of the other in perfect harmony. Styles differ and some combinations actually fit together in a creative, unique manner, perfect for the organized bride on the go!

The Most Important Part! As always, the biggest factor in choosing the perfect engagement ring is you. Your personal style will be your best guide. Making the right choice based on your comfort will never lead you wrong, and no matter what, the ring will be special to you.


Photography: Choco Studio

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