Wedding Budget: 15 Smart Ways to Save Thousands on Your Wedding Venue

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. If you are looking to save thousands of dollars, follow these 15 tips to stay within your wedding budget while still having the beautiful wedding of your dreams!

1. If you choose a public space such as a beautiful park or garden, your venue fees may be reduced significantly. One thing to keep in mind is if the venue is not equipped for big events, you may need to spend tons on rentals from tables and chairs to napkins and flatware.

2. By choosing “unusual” wedding venues like an art gallery or museum, you may be able to reduce venue fees while having a nice ambience.

3. If you have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location, you can save on transportation costs.

4. If you’re a member of a community such as a church, or a member of the military, you may be able to access their venue at a lower cost.

5. If you choose a venue that is naturally beautiful, you can spend much less on decor. Imagine you are getting married at a beautiful garden or winery — how much more decor would you need? The naked venue itself will already be gorgeous.

6. Consider leaving the city. You could easily save $50 per person if you wed in a suburban area outside of the city.

7. If a family member or friend owns a stunning property, ask them if you could have your wedding there. It could definitely save you thousands on venue fees and it could be so much more unique!

8. Consider renting a vacation home. This could be a beautiful and cheaper option than the cost of renting out a venue, even if you may be paying for a week’s worth of stay.

9. If you want a garden wedding, look into renting a historic mansion; many of these have gardens that come as a package deal. One couple got lucky with a mansion that had no time limit, and the fee was less than half a wedding hall rental.

10. In the beginning of your planning process, determine your budget–what you can and want to spend on–and make sure to stick to it. Keep in mind that food, beverage and venue costs will usually take up half of your budget. If there are elements of your wedding that you can DIY (do it yourself), get crafty!

11. Consider having a destination wedding if you’re okay with a smaller guest list. It’ll be more intimate with fewer guests, but your wedding costs will be so much less than a traditional wedding in your hometown. You may be able to allocate your costs slightly differently as well; for example, you may be able to afford your dream venue now that your food and beverage cost will be less.

12. Make sure you figure in the costs of everything when making your decisions. For example, when deciding between an indoor and outdoor venue, count in the costs of things such as tents and lighting for outdoor or draping for indoor.

13. When scouring venues, look for reception packages. If you choose a venue that provides catering or is equipped for large events, you could save a lot on rentals.

14. Think small! The smaller you can get your guest list down to, the more you can save. Though this may be one of the biggest challenges for most couples, this is a sure way to help you cut down on costs.

15. Check with your venue if you can bring in your own alcohol supply. If your venue allows you to bring your own, you can save so much by purchasing in bulk.



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