Wedding Budget: Clever Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding can be expensive — we know. But it really doesn’t have to be! After all, what matters most is not the fabric count of your silk table napkins, but how much love you can share on your big day with all the special people in your life. So let’s not get wrapped up in dollar signs. Here are 10 great ways to save big on your wedding day while not giving up on style. You may decide to re-evaluate a few major decisions after reading this one. So, carry on …

Top Featured Image: Jose Villa

  1. Cut down the duration of your reception. a three hour event versus four or five hours will allow you to keep some money in your pocket. You guests will still enjoy themselves just the same!
  2. Think about booking your wedding during a non-peak season. You may find you venue at a better price in December than you would for the same space in August.
  3. A fun wine tasting reception is also a creative way to save money without sacrificing style. Allow your guests to sample a variety of tapas from unique food stations that match with a specialty wine of your choice. Include crafty printed cares that explain the pairs.
  4. Though the buffet option can also be a great way to save a little change, compare the cost with that of a traditional sit-down dinner before your book. It could be just as expensive.
  5. Emulate a florists work. Hire a professional to create one wedding table arrangement, and then asks your bridesmaids to pitch in and help replicate the look on all the tables. The extra effort will pay off in the end.
  6. Consider having your wedding on a weekday. Most venues raise their prices for Saturday events. If you book your wedding on a Thursday, Friday, or even Sunday afternoon, you may save yourself a nice amount of money.
  7. Have a cocktail party reception! This has become a more popular wedding idea that will save you thousands on food and decorations. Instead of huge, elaborate floral arrangements for tables, decorate small cocktail tables with romantic candles and small florals.
  8. Instead of a full sit-down dinner, a lunch or afternoon tea reception might be more cost efficient. It will surely save you money on liquor costs, as guest tend to drink less during the day.
  9. If you are adamant about an evening reception, it’s perfectly okay to have a dessert-only reception. Indicate on your invitation that your will serve desserts so that your guests do not look forward to a full course meal. Consider offering a delectable selection of sweets (i.e., pastries, pies, macaroons) along with champagne and special coffees and teas.
  10. Family style dishes are also a great way to save money by creating platters of past or slices meat that guests can pass around.


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