10 Cool Wedding Planning Infographics That Inspire

We absolutely love finding cool and useful wedding infographics to help you with the planning process. There’s nothing better than having a visual idea of the best times of the year to have a wedding or the best style photography to fit your personality. And there are so many other details to figure out. These 10 wedding planning infographics will set you on the right path to keeping your sanity.

1. Are You a Digital vs. Analog Bride? If you have no idea, here’s a cool way to find out from A Few Good Men. This will help you put your planning in perspective along the way.


2. Save Money and Pick a Date — Depending on where you live, certain days and times of the year can drive your wedding costs up. So decide on a date that is best for you before deciding on the perfect venue. Use this guide created by Turbo Tax.


3. Find the Venue — Now that you have picked the right date, the venue is next on the list to finalize. To help you out, we found this useful visual aid by Tide Creative via Something Turquoise.


4. Having an Outdoor Wedding? Follow this handy guide from Weddington Way to determine the best type of decor, season, and set up for your special day.


5. Destination Wedding Planning — Just about everything you should know is right here in this guide from Couples Resort.


6. Flower Power. Here’s an adorable glossary from TheKnot to help you get a handle on all the various kinds of bouquets and flower types.


7. Bring Your Furry Friend! If you have a pet, decide if you want to leave the cutie at home or have your pal in your wedding. We never really thought about these helpful tips from Wedding Lovely, but maybe you should if you have pets.


8. What’s your Photography Style? Bet you never really answered that question before, huh? Well, it’s a good question to answer so you can book a photographer who complements the style you hope to achieve. Use this guide from Wedding High.


9. What’s Your Wedding Dress Style — Sometimes the photography style and the wedding dress style go hand in hand. Here’s another important piece from Simply Bridal you’ll want to decide before you go saying “yes” to a dress.

wedding-planning-tips-9-01212015-ky10. Create an Awesome Wedding Program — This is definitely my favorite item on the list, a charming infographic wedding program from B is for Brown. We’re loving this cool and easy way to create a program that guests will love.