10 Wedding Planning Diagrams and Checklists You Won’t Want to Overlook

It’s true that brides have wedding moments they wish they would have done differently. Of course, we know that not everything on the wedding day is going to be flawless. But in the spirit of perfection, here are some of the handiest wedding planning checklists and diagrams to help with some of the most overlooked and misunderstood details about weddings.

1. The size of the rock. Here’s a simple little diagram from weddingpartyapp.com to put things in perspective. What size best fits your hand and your personality?


2. Want to know the best time of the year to have a wedding? This diagram from Chevy Chase Country Club should help you decide on wedding details for  any time of the year.


3. Whose role is it anyway?! Great Speech Writing breaks it down.

4. Now, the dress. The most important part is finding the right silhouette that suits your body type. See Larazo’s explanation below.


5. And even after you’ve decided on the dress, there are still a few things you should know before you say, “yes.” via SeriesandTV.com.


6. The Guestlist. When you sit down to hash out your list of invitees, remember that it might not be economical or rational to invite every single person you know. Here’s a really helpful chart from Wedding By Color to help you decide.


7. When the guestlist is completed and the wedding details are set in stone, you’ll want to start on the invitations. Here are a few things many brides don’t think about via Val Marie Paper.


8. Not sure how to address your unmarried co worker who is also a doctor with a steady boyfriend who you’d also like to invite as her guest, see the rules for addressing invitations below via weddingprocourses.com.


9. Your wedding budget should factor in the cost of being beautiful on your wedding day. Take a look at this beauty checklist from Popsugar so you can get started with your beauty plan well in advance.


10. And finally, after all the wedding bliss is over and done, the most important part of all is maintaining a happy and healthy marriage. If nothing else, this is the checklist you’ll want to print out and hang on your mirror via staymarriedblog.com.


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