10 Wedding Planning Infographics with Interesting Facts from Professionals

Who doesn’t love a good infographic to nicely sum up all the important details and wedding planning tips? These 10 visual aids were created to enlighten brides and guests on the realities surrounding a wedding. Take a look at our favorite graphics, share them with your soon-to-be hubby, and pin all your favorites! Good luck!

1. Here’s a great visual of the overall average cost of getting married and having a wedding with some useful financial advice for couples from Business Credit Cards.


2. Dreaming about your engagement ring? Already have an engagement ring, and you’re dreaming about a different engagement ring? Here’s a little background on the engagement ring concept via Wedding Photography? Can you imagine your fiance’ proposing to you with a sewing thimble!?


3. One of the earlier decisions in the planning process will include asking your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding. Except, many of us have no clue what that really means. Here’s an infographic from Blue Nile to send all your best girls who might be just a little inexperienced in this realm.


4. And just to put things into perspective, you should know how much money your bridesmaids may have to spend just to be a part of your wedding. So go easy on them. Here’s a breakdown from Mint.


5. Want to know what wedding trends were most popular last year? Here’s a cool graphic from Invitations by Dawn.


6. For those of you having a more formal wedding celebration, this tidbit of information from Simply Bridal should be useful.


7. Literally everything you need to know about planning your wedding music is right here in this infographic from A Few Good Men.


8. Every once in a while, I come across the most beautiful flower and I have no idea what it’s called or how to find it again. If you’re anything like me, you might want to keep this glossary from Martha Stewart near as you work with a florist to plan your wedding.


9. What’s a head table and who sits there? Find out the details below in this explanation from Simply Bridal.


10. Here’s an informative graphic from American Express including many of the financial details from your wedding guests’ perspective. Be informed.