24 Prettiest Little Wedding Bouquets to Have and to Hold

A wedding ceremony is never complete without a gorgeous wedding bouquet to hold down the aisle–it’s the perfect complement to a bright smile and a happy glow! The problem? Almost every floral arrangement is so friggin’ pretty (especially for us girly-girls who get googly eyed at the sight of flowers in general) and deciding what you like for your celebration can be a challenge. Here’s a list to get you inspired!

real-weddings-1-01112015-ky-catherine mac abd Fleur le cordeaurPhotography: Catherine Mac | Floral: Fleur le Cordeaur

real-weddings-2-01112015-ky-clayton austinPhotography: Clayton Austin

real-weddings-3-01112015-ky-lisa Lefkowitz flora by CherriesPhotography: Lisa Lefkowitz | Floral: Cherries

real-weddings-4-01112015-ky-marisan photography and a charming fetePhotography: Marisan Photography | Floral: A Charming Fete

real-weddings-5-01112015-ky-olivia ashton and seventh stemPhotography: Olivia Ashton | Floral: Seventh Stem

real-weddings-6-01112015-ky-one love photographyPhotography: One Love Photography

real-weddings-7-01112015-ky-photography by Gema and La Tee Da FlowersPhotography: JOPHOTO | Floral: LB Floral 

real-weddings-8-01112015-ky-rebekah murray and mrs umbelsPhotography: Rebekah J. Murray | Floral: Mrs. Umbels

real-weddings-9-01112015-ky-taylor and porter photographs and Garden Gate flower comanpyPhotography: Taylor & Porter Photographs | Floral: Garden Gate Flower Company

berit-bouquetPhotography: Images by Berit

bouquet-tory williams photography floral by That Time EventsPhotography: Tory Williams Photography | Floral: That Time Events

bouquet-tory williams photography floral by That Time Events2Photography: Tory Williams Photography | Floral: That Time Events

brittania photographyPhotography: Brittania Drew Photography

cynthia Chung photography - bouquetPhotography: Cynthia Chung Photography

elyse hall photogrpahy-bouquetPhotography: Elyse Hall Photography

erganic design-bouquet2Photography: Aaron Almendral | Floral: Erganic Design

erica rose photography-bouquetsPhotography: Erica Rose

gracie blue photography-bouquetsPhotography: Gracie Blue Photography

joey kennedy photography-bouquetsPhotography: Joey Kennedy Photography

joey kennedy photography-bouquets2Photography: Joey Kennedy Photography

Kim Coccagnia - bouquetsPhotography: Kim Coccagnia

kim coccagnia -bouquets 2Photography: Kim Coccagnia

Michelle Durpetti-bouquetsPhotography: Greenhouse Loft Photos | Floral: Exquisite Designs Chicago

once like a sparkPhotography: Once Like a Spark