Best Wedding Photographers in Illinois: Yazy Jo Photography

About Yazy Jo Photography:

Yazy & John Raclawski are a Chicago-based husband and wife fine art photographer team specializing in shooting a combination of film and digital. Two artists, two personalities, two sets of eyes, one creation.

Beautiful. Natural. Timeless. Yazy captures the romance and laughter of your love story with stunning artistry. Along with John, her husband and counterpart, they bring you the exquisite creations of their adventures in photography: you, your love, and the endless glow of your wedding day.

The reason why we chose the dandelion as our brand: Dandelions are often mistaken as weeds and discarded as people only wish to have “beautiful” flowers in their gardens. Dandelions display a quiet and hidden beauty.  Many times, only the pure innocence of children reflect the true beauty of them as they pick a dandelion from a field and playfully blow the seeds into the air – with true joy in their hearts.

I always try to see the true beauty in everything – even though looks can be deceiving. For me, the dandelion is the most beautiful gift because it makes everyone’s heart happy and everyone secretly wishes their hope will come true when they blow the seeds in the air, as children do — yazy

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