Best Wedding Photographers in Washington: Laurel McConnell

From Laurel McConnell:

Top 10 Most Important Points:

1. I am very proud of my “tacky fridge magnet collection,” which includes magnets from all over this planet.

2. I order my martinis “super extra dirty, like {name of a certain blonde grunge rocker from the 90’s}.” Name omitted because I’m polite on the internet.

3. I’m addicted to Tim’s Cascade Jalapeno Chips and won’t stop/can’t stop until the entire bag is empty.

4. My world halts for X-Files reruns. Side fact: I acted in the video game and even have a page on IMDB.

5. I LOVE PRANKS. Just peep on my personal Facebook page and you’ll find the evidence.

6. I find it amusing that the internet thinks that videos of goats yelling are so rad. I raised goats as a kid, and goats yelling was NOT rad; just ask our neighbors. But they are super intelligent and super hilarious beings, and I am thankful we had the little farm that we did.

7. My favorite part about lunch is the pickle that comes with the sandwich.

8. I am endlessly entertained by my two silly Siamese cats who are named Sir Marmaduke of Meowmingham and Princess EsmereldaFlufflycheeks. The ridiculous the better, right?

9. I do the best Spider Dance you’ll ever ever EVER see.

10. I went to commercial photography school and learned this craft on a Hasselblad, working in the pitch black dark for hours on end developing my own film and prints by hand. I still get sappy when I hear the “kerplunk-chunk” the camera makes or catch a whiff of the sour-sulfur chemistry.

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