How to Look “Snatched” with These Gorgeous Wedding Jewelry Ideas

It has never, ever been enough to wear just a wedding dress. All the most beautiful wedding day looks include some sort of bridal add-on: a veil, a crown, some earrings.Think about it. You’ll have to take matters in to your own hands to get your look “snatched up.”

Engage the Neckline

Decide if your dress needs more embellishment on the neckline. Some wedding dresses have fully beaded bodices or a heavily jeweled neck trim. In such cases, a necklace might compete with the design of the dress, causing the eye to be drawn away from its more favorable elements. Also, determine your own style preferences. Some brides consider themselves to be more low-maintenance and less flashy. These are the brides who prefer a more simple, modest neckline. If that’s you, consider a thin-strand neckline with a simple teardrop or pearl versus a bedazzled show-stopper.

wedding-jewelry-1--1222015-kyPhotography: Stephanie Michelle

wedding-jewelry-3--1222015-kyPhotography: Vis Photography

wedding-jewelry-6--1222015-kyWedding Dress: Anna Campbell

Balance with Earrings

The need for earrings or a necklace can be interchangeable. In many cases, a bride might opt for one over the other, as having both extravagant chandelier earrings and a full diamond necklace might be too much (unless, of course, “glam fabulous” is the theme of your wedding). With that said, a simple chandelier earring can really top off the look, especially if your gown is strapless with very little beading.

wedding-jewelry-7--1222015-kyPhoto and Hair via Elstile


wedding-jewelry-9--1222015-kyEarrings: Vintage from Linda Horn | Photography: Rachelle Derouin Photography

wedding-jewelry-10--1222015-kyPhotography: Elaine Palladino

Adorn the Wrist

Obviously, wearing an informal watch on your wedding day is not necessarily appropriate. However, there are some pearl-adorned watches that have a more vintage, bridal feel. You can also opt for sporting a lovely pearl or platinum cuff or nothing at all. Bracelets are great opportunities to wear something borrowed, like a heirloom piece from your mother or grandmother.

wedding-jewelry-11--1222015-kyPhotography: Jayne B Photography

wedding-jewelry-13--1222015-kyPhotography: Debbie Lourens Photography via Ruffled

Complement with a Veil

Ahhh, don’t we all just love a beautiful veil? The fun part about picking a veil is that there are so many design options to consider: lace trim, beaded trim, cathedral length, finger tip length, etc. But at the end of the day, the style you choose should complement the style of your dress. Many simplistic style dresses look amazing with extravagant veils and vice versa. On the other hand, the silhouette of the dress can determine the veil length that you select. Many mermaid styles work great with either an elbow-length or cathedral-length veil. You should also decide how you want to walk down the aisle. A bride marrying in a cathedral wearing a traditional ball gown may be more likely to float down the aisle in a cathedral veil versus the bride having an intimate garden wedding. Play around with different styles until you find the one!

wedding-jewelry-14--1222015-kyPhotography: Ellie Asher Photography

wedding-jewelry-15--1222015-kyVeil: Oscar de la Renta

wedding-jewelry-16--1222015-kyPhotography: Linnea Paulina Photography

wedding-jewelry-17--1222015-kyWedding Dress and Veil: Pronovias

wedding-jewelry-18--1222015-kyWedding Dress, Veil, and Tiara: Pronovias

Crown the Face

The tiara is a classic bridal touch. Most brides know from the jump if a tiara is something to incorporate into the look or not. A great tiara will add a hint of elegance to your ensemble. Many tiaras are designed with Swarovski or Austrian crystals or freshwater pearls. Just be sure to take your tiara with you to your hair trial so your stylist can help to create a style that will work beautifully with your accessory.

wedding-jewelry-19--1222015-kyWedding Dress and Tiara: Pronovias

wedding-jewelry-23--1222015-kyBridal Tiara: Mignonne Handmade

Headband for Modern Style

A headband is a great alternative to the tiara. Some brides love the idea of framing the face with a beautiful piece of jewelry, but aren’t necessarily in love with the less modern design that many tiaras create. In that case, a headband will offer the same level of intricate design in a slightly less causal way.

wedding-jewelry-24--1222015-kyWedding Dress and Headband: Pronovias

wedding-jewelry-25--1222015-kyPhotographer: Sandra Åberg Photography | Accessories: Jannie Baltzer

wedding-jewelry-26--1222015-kyPhotographer: Sandra Åberg Photography | Accessories: Jannie Baltzer

wedding-jewelry-28--1222015-kyWedding Dress and Headband: Pronovias

Clearly, the options are endless and there’s no limit to what you can do to add an extra touch to your wedding day style. Just remain true to your personal style, consider the overall look with your wedding dress in mind, and have fun!{"url":"","count":192})