The Luckiest “Something Blue” Wedding Ideas for Modern Brides

The “something blue” tradition comes from the old English rhyme (“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”), and it’s largely a British custom that modern American brides have adopted for good luck. There’s always a way to make an old tradition more modern and stylish, especially when it comes to incorporating rich hues of blue. Here are all our favorite ways to add something blue into your wedding day.


wedding-ideas-1-01192015-kyPhotography: Aves | Shoes: Kate Spade

wedding-ideas-5-01192015-kyPhotography: Chrisman Studios

wedding-ideas-6-01192015-kySapphire Blue Crystal Tear Drop Earrings by CJ Rose Boutique

wedding-ideas-8-01192015-kyPhotography: Peaches and Mint via Magnolia Rouge

wedding-ideas-9-01192015-kyPhoto of Blue Hydrangea Bouquet by Perella Photography

wedding-ideas-10-01192015-kyPhoto of Blue Ombre Wedding Cake: Mi Belle Photography

wedding-ideas-14-01192015-kyPhotography: Rich Bayley Photography

wedding-ideas-16-01192015-kyPhotography: Love Life Studios

wedding-ideas-18-01192015-kyPhotography: Tracy Enoch Photography

wedding-ideas-19-01192015-kyPhotography: Stephanie A. Smith Photography

wedding-ideas-20-01192015-kyPhotography: Katrina Louise Photography | Floral Design: Candlelight Florist{"url":"","count":270})