Best Wedding Planners and Designers in California: Laurie Arons

From Laurie Arons:

Laurie Arons loves to fuss over typefaces and flowers and chocolates-over everything that makes an event special. And she does so with even calm. As the days to your wedding or celebration whiz by, instead of fretting you’re gliding your hand over paper stocks, tasting the food, deciding on flowers, dipping your finger in the frosting. You get to do all the fun things because you’ve left the rest to Laurie Arons and team.

When Laurie–who at the time was a marking executive in biotechnology–planned her parents’ 35th surprise anniversary celebration, she unknowingly embarked on her true calling. After a few more events, her course was set. Just two years later, Laurie Arons Special Events was featured in a 1997 issue of Town & Country Magazine. More recently, the publication listed her at the top of her field–one of eight wedding planners, nationwide.

“It’s the continuity,” says Laurie, after managing over 600 events. “of each detail flowing into the next, that makes a day unforgettable.” Everything from the save-the-date announcement to welcome gifts for your guests to the fold of a napkin, is woven into a seamless fabric. And on the day itself, as your heart beat quickens, a steady soul will be at your side–Laurie Arons.

With Laurie Arons Special Events overseeing all the elements–from grand to small–your special day is just that–your day, a day that says this is me, this is us.

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