Fresh New Blue Wedding Bouquets We Adore

Blue is one of the luckiest wedding colors ever! From navy to dusty blue to cerulean, there are so many shades of this cool hue to mix and match. The possibilities are endless, but we have the best wedding ideas right here for you to incorporate blue tones into your wedding bouquets. Check them out!

wedding-bouquets-1-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Tracy Enoch Photography

wedding-bouquets-2-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Stoffer Photography

wedding-bouquets-3-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Stephanie A. Smith Photography | Featured Floral Design: Botanicals on the Gulf

wedding-bouquets-4-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Natalie McNally | Featured Floral Design: Magdalen Hill

wedding-bouquets-5-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Rachael Osborn Photography via Every Last Detail

wedding-bouquets-6-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Patricia Kantzos Photography | Featured Florist: QuatreCoeur

wedding-bouquets-7-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Rachel V Photography

wedding-bouquets-8-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Cory Ryan

wedding-bouquets-9-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Amanda Nippoldt | Featured Floral Design: Maven Floral

wedding-bouquets-10-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: D’Arcy Benincosa Photography | Featured Floral Design: Jolleys Gift & Floral

wedding-bouquets-11-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Brody T Photography | Featured Floral Design: Floral Magic

wedding-bouquets-12-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Kay English

wedding-bouquets-13-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Lane Dittoe Fine Wedding Photographs | Featured Florals: Silver Birches

wedding-bouquets-14-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: 1486 Photography | Featured Florals: Cedar & Stone

wedding-bouquets-16-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Shannon Von Eschen

wedding-bouquets-17-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Erich McVey

wedding-bouquets-18-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Brosnan Photographic | Featured Florals: Lamber de Bie

wedding-bouquets-19-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: Mary Rosenbaum Photographs

wedding-bouquets-20-02212015-kyFeatured Photography: 3Photography{"url":"","count":1040})