Luscious Rustic New York Wedding Reception from Fabrice Tranzer

Catherine and Christopher created a lovely rustic-style New York wedding reception at the Jones Farm, and we’re loving all the charming little details. “Our inspiration for the day was the rustic elegance of the farm,” says Catherine. “And with each detail we sought to compliment our beautiful surroundings.” This gorgeous piece of earth has been in Catherine’s family since 1914, making it the perfect location for a creative and sentimental celebration. Thanks to Fabrice Tranzer, there are great photos to show you. Check them out!

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Photography: Fabrice Tranzer | Wedding Dress: Ivy & Aster | Wedding Cake: Grandma Phoebe’s from the Shops at Jones Farm | Catering: Pamela’s Traveling Feast | DJ: Milich Productions | Bridal Jewelry: We Dream In Colour | Hair Artist: Tara Dederick | Location: Jones Farm{"url":"","count":254})