Wedding Planning Tips: Fun Wedding Infographics to Make Your Day

How fun are these wedding planning tips?! Below, you’ll find several helpful graphics on every thing from engagement rings to cool bridal party game ideas–the things that you don’t really think about until you’re waist deep in the wedding planning process. Take a look, and feel free to pin all your favorites for later.

Engagement Rings 101

Curious to know the difference between a tapered ring and a bypass ring? Not sure what a Euro-style looks like? Then you’ll definitely want to keep this helpful infographic handy. Photo via Padis


How to Have Fun with the Girls

The shower will be a great time to connect with all your best friends, so make the best out of it. Let loose and get silly with these game ideas from Funsational.


Learn a Cool New Trick … with Napkins

Your wedding guests will notice that you went the extra yard to impress them with little things like folded napkin tricks and unique seating cards. Here’s a creative tutorial from Smarty Had a Party to get you inspired.


Make Your Bridesmaids Look Just as Amazing as You

Dressing 5-7 women who all have very different tastes and body types can be one daunting task. This bit of advice from B. Lovely Events should help make the adventure a little easier.


Get On Board the Wedding Train!

Each length of the wedding train makes a different statement. So you’ll want to decide which length speaks most to your personality and overall wedding theme. Use this graphic from Wedding Mix to help you.


Because Wedding Dresses Are Not Sized Like Street Clothes …

This means that every designer will have varying size charts and you’ll need to be measured by a professional so you can order based on the designer’s standard. Here’s a helpful graphic from My Online Wedding Help to help you understand how some of the most popular designers size their dresses.


A Dining Etiquette Refresher

In case you can’t tell if the venue placed the forks and spoons in the right place, read this guide from Lifehack.

weddding-planning-tips-7-02032015-kyFlowers are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Okay, maybe it’s diamond that hold the title. But flowers probably come 2nd place, so learn all there is to know with this graphic via Daily Infographic.


Roses Are One of The Most Popular Wedding Flowers

And each color has a different meaning. Choose the right color with this interesting guide from Urban Design Flowers


For Bridesmaids Only

So this graphic is for your best girls, especially the gals who have no idea what to expect as a bridesmaid. Photo via Wedding Bells


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