15 Alternative Engagement Rings You Can Say Yes To

I know it might be a surprise to some women, but not every bride wants a classic diamond ring. The reality? There are so many different ring styles to consider when it comes to color, cut, raw material, and setting. Overall, take the time to learn about alternative engagement rings and what options are available–you’ll be surprised. If you’re more conscious about materials used and fair trade efforts, do your research and make it known to your guy that you have a unique preference. Here are a few alternative engagement rings–diamonds and precious gemstones–to get your inspiration flowing.


wedding-ideas-5-03192015-kyFeatured Ring: Graff

wedding-ideas-6-03192015-kyFeatured Ring: Anna Sheffield

wedding-ideas-7-03192015-kyFeatured Ring: Anna Sheffield

wedding-ideas-11-03192015-kyFeatured Ring: Greenwich Jewelers