Blue Seaside Florida Wedidng from Shea Christine at the Vanderbilt Mansion

Elle and James tied the knot in style with this blue-themed Florida wedding at the Vanderbilt Mansion at Fisher Island Club & Resorts. With Shea Christine Photography behind the camera snapping all the best details, we get to show you just how romantic this seaside celebration really was! Wedding Planner Guerdy Abraira worked magic to put together a romantic and elegant event. So take a look at photos below, and share your favorites!

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Photography: Shea Christine Photography | Videographer: Artisan Production | Wedding Planner: Guerdy Abraira | Florist: Ocean Flowers | Stationery: Invitations By Leston’s | Band: Pangea Band | Guitarist: Carlos Abanto | Makeup: Ivan Pol | Venue: Vanderbilt Mansion At Fisher Island Club & Resorts{"url":"","count":0})