Casual New York Wedding at The Inn at West Settlement from Fabrice Tranzer

Megan and Derek were surrounded by nature with this organic-style New York wedding at The Inn at West Settlement. If you are a lover of the great outdoors and vintage-chic is the look you want to achieve, you’ll surely gain lots of inspiration from the photos below captured by Fabrice Tranzer. One thing about this sweet celebration we love is the look on Megan and Derek’s face during their first look. Can’t you just feel the love? Take a look for yourself.

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Photography: Fabrice Tranzer | Venue: The Inn at West Settlement | Wedding Coordinator: Linda Laestadius | Flowers: Richard Simms | Cake: Sweetnothings | Band: Chasing Blue | DJ: Justin Moreno | Hair & Makeup: Celeste Von Damon | Wedding Dress: Modern Trousseau{"url":"","count":16})