Color Obsession: Pink and Yellow Wedding Ideas That Give Life

I fell in love with the BHLDN wedding dresses that were featured earlier this week on MODwedding. Particularly striking is the image below of a stunning bride in a lace sleeved gown with pink and yellow roses in her hair. Yes, the dress is gorgeous. Obviously. But really, the colorful flowers were the show stopper for me–because when aren’t beautiful flowers utterly distracting? How about … never!

I realized pink and yellow make the perfect wedding color combination. It’s like someone thought one day, “Hmm which two colors are the softest and most romantic with that special swoon-worthy element? Let’s put them up against each other and make everyone weak in the knees!” And so the wedding trend was born, inspiring brides with spring and summer weddings all over the world.

Okay, that might be a bit of an over simplification. But nonetheless, I am so in love with this color palette idea.

In the spirit of my obsession with gorgeous flowers that send me on a wild daydream of wedding ideas, here is some pink and yellow inspiration you can add to give your wedding that special knee-weakening touch. Just saying, who needs knees anyway.

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-1-03292015-kyFeatured Dress: BHLDN

Flowers that Soften the Room

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-2-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Jen Wojcik Photography | Featured Flowers: Isari Flower Studio

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-3-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Sylvie Gil Photography via Style Me Pretty

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-4-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Jen Wojcik Photography

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-5-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Calli B Photography

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-6-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Melanie Duerkopp

For the Love of Shoes

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-7-03292015-kyFeatured Photography:Abby Caldwell Photography via Wedding Chicks | Featured Shoes: Badgley Mischka

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-7a-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Swoon by Katie

Gorgeous Rings that Bling

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-10-03292015-kyFeatured Ring: Diamonds by Lauren

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-11-03292015-kyFeatured Ring: Diamonds by Lauren

 Paper and Things

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-12-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Izzy Hudgins Photography | Featured Stationery: Miss Wyolene

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-13-03292015-kyFeatured Stationery: Betty Lu Designs

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-14-03292015-kyFeatured Stationery: Betty Lu Designs

Pink and Yellow Reception Ideas

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-15-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Mango Studios

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-16-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Michael & Anna Costa Photography

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-19-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Sara & Rocky Photography

Yummy Wedding Cakes

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-18-03292015-kyFeatured Cake: Cake Ink

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-20-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi | Featured Cake: Loana Cakeaway Graz

pink-yellow-wedding-ideas-21-03292015-kyFeatured Photography: Abby Caldwell Photography | Featured Cake: Happy Cakes by Renee{"url":"","count":90})