Effortlessly Chic Portland Wedding From Christy Cassano-Meyer Photography

Let’s give this super cute Portland wedding a moment to shine. Christy Cassano-Meyer shares her beautiful photography from this chic wedding with us and quite frankly, I’m really loving every colorful detail of it. What I love about this wedding is that everything appears so effortlessly chic and cool. It’s feminine without being too girly, it’s modern while keeping traditional elements and it’s sweet without losing its edge. Christy’s photography complements this wedding perfectly because her work is also natural and beautiful!

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Photographer: Christy Cassano-Meyer Photography | Venue: Portland Center Stage (Forest park for first look) | Food: Artemis | Drinks: Bride and Groom | Signage: Bride and Joey Chou | Dress: Soft by Rosa Clara | Shoes and Jewelry: Kate Spade | Suit: Duchess Clothier | Grooms shoes: Allen Edmonds | Make up and hair: Blossom and Beauty | Music: Encore Music DJs | Flowers: Swoon Floral Design | Officiant: Maureen Haley | Bridesmaid dresses: H&M, Donna Morgan and Amsale